Media exposure Gameiro has agreed to sign with Atletico Madrid

Jul 21 2016

Atletico Madrid striker Gameiro has the upper hand in France the battle, I Gameiro has agreed to join fifa 17 coins  Atletico Madrid in the new season, agreed only two clubs, he soon signed with Atletico.

However, Sevilla aspect insisted ask for liquidated damages of 40 million euros transfer fee, which makes this deal becomes more difficult. However, due to Sampaoli very interested in Atletico Madrid striker Wei Yetuo, so Atletico will be willing to join Wei Yetuo Gameiro transfer in order to reduce the transfer fee requirements Seville area. Coupled with the previously been loaned to Atletico Madrid Sevilla grams Laneiweite, allowing Atletico to buy fifa 16 coins    add a lot of chips in the negotiations. And Gameiro himself has told the team he wanted to move to Atletico Madrid.