Barcelona official announced :Messi left leg discomfort

Sep 06 2016

According to the official website of the Barcelona,  fifa 16 ps4 coins Messi left leg adductor muscle discomfort may be absent this week, Barcelona and Alves in the league.

Barcelona official revealed that Barcelona medical organization is trying to minimize the inflammation of Messi, Cheap FUT 17 Coins  they suggest that Messi next few days to reduce training intensity, in order to observe the physical condition of Messi. Because of injuries, Messi ahead of the end of the trip to Argentina, missed the world cup and venezuela. Earlier, according to media reports, after the world cup in Uruguay injured Messi, scored the only goal in the game Messi. Messi I am very optimistic, in Barcelona officially announced after the injury, Messi updated his account, said fans do not worry. Messi said: "I have to slow down and start my recovery period, but everything is fine, nothing to worry about. Thanks to all of you for your support."

About Messi's injury, buy fifa 17 coins Barcelona President Ba Tomei U said, will not force Messi back, no one is willing to let Messi adventure. We told the Argentina Football Association, Messi a bit of discomfort. But we never told them that Messi was not allowed to take part in the match against Uruguay."