Harvey: C ROM is inferior to Messi

Sep 07 2016

In an interview with Spain's Searl radio, fifa 17 ps4 coins Harvey repeated his claim that Messi is the best player in the world.

Harvey explained: "I was saying that the speed of Messi's body and mind is difficult to go beyond, fifa 17 coins a fool can not play football, it is not possible to kick out of the level of C lo. An elite player, especially a player like C, must be smart, but unfortunately, he and Messi are in the same age. There are no more than two people, this is the whole world to see, only real people can not see this." The Messi rule in football, Harvey said this fully shows the will of Messi, "as long as he is willing, he can always be the first.

Harvey also maintained the Barcelona: "Lamaxiya not exhausted, FUT 17 Coins but also the source, depending on the situation, because they have the best player in the world, taking their position is not easy, but the Academy players will be a little bit."