Golden Globe Awards has reformed: 30 candidates announced at the end of the year

Sep 20 2016

      According to the latest news of the French football, the 2016 European golden ball award formal reform. fifa 17 coins After the French football confirmed that the European golden ball award with the FIFA world football will not be merged.

French football explained, "the sixty-first session of the European golden ball award will open a new era (1956 - present)" the magazine pointed out that "after 6 years of cooperation with FIFA, at the time of the voting standard as the captain of the national team, the coach of the national team and journalists voted the winner, 2016 selection criteria will change. The final winners, as before the merger of the Golden Globe Awards, fifa 17 ps4 coins decided by a senior reporter in the world"

The three basic information of the new Golden Globe awards:
1.The list of candidates for the  Golden Globe Awards will be expanded to 30, rather than the list of the previous 23;
2. In the middle of the  phase, the end of the first three practices will be abolished;
3 . By the end of the year will be announced by the end of the winners and the final score.