Enrique: Messi is an expert in creating space.

Sep 21 2016


    La Liga will usher in the focus of a battle,  fifa 17 points the defending champion Barcelona in the home court against visiting giants Atletico. Before the game, Barcelona coach Enrique attended the press conference, he said the team to face Atletico Madrid cannot have a relax, it will be a very difficult game.

    Enrique said: "Ma Jing is one of the most successful team in recent seasons, Simonyi has his own views on the guidance of defensive rush around, one of them is the competition season championship, we can't make any mistakes in the game, we need to maintain a high degree of attention in the whole game, handle the ball, make full use of field space. For Messi, Enrique said:" Messi is the best player in the world, he is also looking to find and create a space that experts, and make full use of the space on the field is one of Messi's greatest strengths "

    Enrique expressed his support: "Neymar has his own style of play, buy fifa 17 coins this is a very surprising way of playing. He has his own understanding of the game, his playing style is also very good for us to Barcelona.