There's no solution for Messi dependence in Argentina

Oct 12 2016

    0-1 lost to Paraguay, Argentina in 3 games 2 flat 1 negative, if you want to find a common ground for the three games, fifa 17 coins  that Messi did not play at all.

    After Argentina was struggling in Venezuela and Peru, and is now in the home court capsized, Argentina fans can't miss the injured Messi Argentina team in this game is really not good enough, but compared to the bad luck of the team in the absence of Messi when the bad condition is more worthy of attention and concern. Not that Argentina it is because of Messi's absence, however, it is undeniable that when Messi is around, he can become a mobile bridge between midfield and forward line, back into the organization, rattling, tactical significance is very large.

   After the game, fifa 17 ps4 coins Argentina integral stop, continue in the fifth row, the distance behind the Paraguay has just 1 points ahead of Chile but also 2 points.