Real Madrid will renew aReal Madrid will renew a contract Baer to 2022 contract Baer to 2022

Oct 13 2016

   Real Madrid have agreed to renew his contract with Baer, fifa 17 coins according to reports from Spain's Searl radio.

   Reported that Real Madrid will contract with Baer until 2022, and will soon officially announced the news. Baer's contract expires in 2019, to complete the contract after his penalty will be increased to 500 million euros. Prior to this, Real Madrid has been announced and cross renewal message. Besides Baer, Real Madrid also intends to and Pepe signed a one-year contract extension, the Portuguese veteran of the original contract will expire at the end of the season.

  In addition, Modric and C Ronaldo renewal also underway. fifa 17 ps4 coins According to Searl radio said, within the next two weeks, Real Madrid will be announced that Baer, Pepe, Modric and C Luo 4 renewal.