Conti: the beginning to play 424 formation, 343 is an option

Nov 15 2016

Chelsea coach Conti explained why he lost in a row after Liverpool and Arsenal evolutions 3-4-3, he revealed that this and Chelsea fifa 17 coins players.

"We started the season with another formation because I started with a 4-2-4 kick, but we switched to 4-3-3 and we used the same formation we had last year - 3-1. But sometimes I notice that our formation is unbalanced because it's not a good thing when your opponent's chances are better than you are, so we changed 3-4-3 and I think it's a good fit Our lineup, because we also have players for this formation. "

"I think this can improve both the offensive and defensive aspects of the team, we do not have problems on the offensive in this regard, I also improved because we have a lot of balls, creating a lot of opportunities if we can also zero closure Opponents, I think this is the team to go the right path.

"I think there are things that are changing in England because there are coaches from around the world who bring different new ideas, new approaches and new philosophies and I think it's good for the Premiership.

"Pre-season preparation period, I prefer to work hard in the concept, based on these ideas you develop the formation, but I always know that the team can kick 3-4-3. My mind has been thinking of this possibility I know the personality of the players, because for this reason when I talk to the club, planning this  fifa 17 ps4 coins  season, this formation is the 4-2-4 alternative.