World: C Luo World Player of the first ballot, Messi second

Dec 21 2016

According to the "World Sports Daily" reported that Real Madrid star C Lo will buy fifa 17 coins receive this season's second individual award, the Portuguese will be released in January next year, the World Player of the Year.

The media said in the selection, the Barcelona star Messi ranked second, he and C Lo's votes than the "French Football" Golden Globe Award is much smaller, while the other candidate Geli Zeman's votes and The gap between the former two is still relatively large.

It is reported that Real Madrid has organized a delegation led by the President Florentino to Zurich, C Luo will be accompanied by his family to go. In addition to C Luo, Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane as one of the FIFA best coach of the final fifa 17 xbox one coins candidate will also go to the awards ceremony, but the "World Sports Daily" said Leicester City coach Ranieri is more likely to receive this award .