Conti: the time belongs to Bashua Yai will come

Dec 27 2016

Chelsea coach Conti on the reserve striker Bashua Yiyan praise, the former Marseille striker may  buy fifa 17 coins usher in his first Premiership starting tonight.

"Bashuyayi's attitude, words and deeds are impeccable, he wanted to enhance their strength - both in technology and body.We are in tactical to him.He in training showed his firm determination, height Of course, he wanted to play, but there Costa in front of you this is not an easy thing.

"On the whole, Costa's performance is unparalleled, he also scored a lot of balls.But I say again, Bashuyai continue to work hard, continue to improve is very important, I am sure his time will come.

Conti also believes that Bashua Yai 28-year-old Costa to learn: "Every player, each striker has different characteristics. Players are different, if you take Bashuyaji and Costa They are also different, first and foremost because he's a very young player, he has a lot of room to improve, and close to Costa, you can learn a lot of experience and technical things and train with great players Will help you improve.

"Now I do not want to put more pressure on the players because that's not good.He has to do what he has learned cheap fifa 17 coins  and what we do in the training class.If I decide to put Bashuaey on the starting list, All right."