Man night: Manchester City for Sanchez, transfer fee + salary or up to two hundred million pounds

May 27 2017

Manchester City coach Guardiola interested in spending huge sums of money to introduce  buy fifa 17 coins Sanchez, but he faces the old club Bayern Munich competition.

Bayern thought Sanchez wanted to leave Arsenal, who prepared a weekly salary of £ 230,000 for the Chilean winger. And Guardiola has prepared to pay 50 million pounds of transfer fee to introduce Sanchez, Manchester City is said to offer more generous than Bayern. But they need to persuade Wenger to put the team ace on the Premiership opponents, but also to persuade Sanchez he can succeed in Etihad.

Guardiola's personal relationship with Sanchez may be a major factor in the deal, and they have worked in Barcelona. Plus Manchester City has put more than a veteran, which for the team released a sufficient salary space. Sanchez may become the most expensive acquisition of Manchester City in the fifa 17 ps4 coins transfer window, the total amount of transactions or up to 200 million pounds.

However, the current situation is not very beneficial to Guardiola. The news from Chile said Sanchez's fifa 17 xbox one coins agent had traveled to Munich to negotiate.