Daily Telegraph: Gloucester left the team? Mu Shuaiqing before the preseason to get the transfer before the game

May 31 2017


Graceman has told the Atletico that he wants to leave the team this fifa 17 ps4 coins  summer, while Manchester United must meet the French star's 100 million euros breach of contract terms, Atletico will not sell below this price Graceman.

Gleeszman recently published a lot of different ideas about his future problems, but in the end he wanted to leave the Calderon stadium, and on his next home, Manchester United in a leading position, because Mourinho eager to enhance their own The strength of the front line.

Since the beginning of the year, Manchester United has been committed to the introduction of Gleeszmann, Manchester United hope in the club before the start of the journey (July 9) let Gleeszmann came to the team reported. 26-year-old Gleeszman will usher in France on Friday against the Paraguay national team match, then in mid-June France will have against Sweden and England game.

Manchester United eager to take away from the Spanish capital a superstar, at the same time, they also face a more severe war, to prevent the capital of the team to dig their own players, Dehia has been Real Madrid goalkeeper candidates , And compared to 2 years ago, Manchester United believe that the team's Degea defense war is currently in a more favorable position, they are convinced that the team worth more than 60,000 pounds goalkeeper will not seek transfer, due to  buy fifa 17 coins the young Benfica goalkeeper Ed Sen is about 34.7 million pounds to join Manchester City, Deheya's worth may be with the goalkeeper worth rising and more hot.