Leaked footage suggests FIFA 18 could resurrect a beloved classic game

Aug 23 2017

A full two decades have passed since the best ever FIFA game, FIFA Road to World Cup 98. Of course, we all know why it was so good. It wasn’t anything to do with the graphics, or the use of Blur’s ‘Song 2’. It wasn’t even related to the fact that you could still deliberately foul the opposition goalkeeper. No, the best part of FIFA Road to World Cup 98 was the indoor five-a-side mode. and also you can get many FUT 18 Coins from our site. And – whisper it – some are suggesting we might see the next best thing on the next version of the game. You probably know where we’re going with this.


Playing the newer versions of the game, we’ve always wanted to forget those grass pitches and show off as many flicks and tricks as possible on more unpredictable terrain. And we’ve definitely wanted to kick the fuck out of the ball and for it to bounce back off the wall rather than going straight out of play. The closest we have got to anything like this in recent years is FIFA Street, which lacked the cage-style environment but did at least have the skill-heavy gameplay and unfamiliar surfaces. and also these cheap fifa 18 coins belong to you guys.

And would you believe it, after a fair bit of clamour for a comeback on Reddit, a new leaked video purporting to be from GamesCom seems to show something resembling the indoor pitches from that particular game. The most recent version of FIFA Street hit the shelves in 2012 – that’s five long years we’ve been waiting for the tiniest inkling of a return…until now. Maybe. Based on a few seconds of grainy footage.