Alonso fined for tax evasion 6,000,000 Europe ? Real Madrid commander tower denounced media disinformation

May 14 2014

The tax situation for the players , Spain recently launched a special tax inspection activities.fifa 14 coins Messi wants to settle tax evasion storm, turned up to 41 million euros . Casey involved in the storm , has been ahead of the € 2 million in back taxes . According to "Marca" reported that Harvey - Alonso also because of tax evasion, which is punishable by a fine of € 6,000,000 for the tax department .

"Marca" : Harvey - Alonso denies tax evasion
This is € 6,000,000 , divided into three parts . Of which 300 million euros, is Harvey - Alonso evaded fifa 14 coins And even if Harvey - Alonso now repay the 300 million euros, he still need to pay 400,000 euros in fines . € 2,250,000 , Harvey - Alonso because of tax evasion and was sentenced to fines . To settle the tax controversy , Harvey - Alonso need to pay nearly € 6 million for the job .
Harvey - Alonso after the image has always been healthy , "Marca " in this report came out, immediately caused an uproar , Harvey - Alonso himself quickly issued a formal statement . Harvey - Alonso pointed out that he never had any illegal act in taxes , he has time and the amount to pay personal income tax.
Harvey - Alonso said in a statement at the same time , " Marca" This report is completely false and fifa 14 coins He neither tax evasion , and no jail therefore free to reach pay -court settlement with the tax authorities . Harvey - Alonso requirements " Marca " to make corrections immediately, and he also retained to prosecute , "Marca" rights.