Riding three strong starters Exposure: Barcelona Atletico strongest array C Luo refused holiday

May 14 2014

This weekend, the 2013 /14 La Liga season will be the final round started, was undoubtedly the most anticipated match against Atletico Madrid Barcelona home , the home team before being required to take all three points to ensure defending , the visitors can simply draw to win .fifa 14 coins  In addition, the Champions League final has missed Real Madrid needs to win at the end of our stay in force . About three strong riding on what the starting lineup will be discharged , "the daily sports newspaper" , "Aspen" was early exposure today .

"Daily Sports Daily" : Barca riding Probable Lineups
Home Win to win Barcelona will field his strongest starting lineup , starting goalkeeper certainly Pinto , he is due to season-ending injuries Valdes pushed to this position, the back line , Alba , Javier Mascherano , leather grams, Alves lined up from left to right midfield trio is Busquets , Xavi, Iniesta , front side, Pedro left, centered Messi , Sanchez right home .
In these 11 persons, Pique hip injury did not heal, Alba has recently hit the hamstrings , back just recently , but " the daily sports newspaper " that the two men would certainly insist on playing .buy fifa 14 coins  In addition, Xavi and Iniesta together this season, played , Barca league record is 15 wins, four draws and two defeats. If Theoretically, offensive combination Messi, Pedro Sanchez is the most powerful in the league this season, three of them were scored in 28 balls, 15 balls , 18 balls, the team entered the league a total of 99 goals , which brother Sa accounted for 61 balls.
Atletico will also be a guest Camp Nou played the whole lineup , "Aspen" or even acknowledging in advance, coach Diego - Simone will discharge such a set starting lineup : Courtois / Felipe , Godin Miranda , Juanfran / Tiago , Gabi , Cork, Raul - Garcia , Alda - Turan / Diego - Costa, this is a 4-5-1 formation, is also a horse King cornerstone of the regular season tactics .
Real Madrid will win the league game is at home against the Spaniard riding , "Aspen" analysis in accordance with the training this week predicted the riding Real Madrid starting lineup , goalkeeper Diego - Lopez , 4 guard is CNT Long, Ramos , Nacho , Arbeloa , midfield, Casemiro , Khedira , Alonso , Isco , C Lo will enter first, the center is filled by Morata . In the " Aspen" It seems , C Luo reason starter does not matter in this game, the reason is that he wanted to make sure to get the Golden Boot La Liga this season , he scored 31 goals at present , ahead of second place Messi 3 goals .
C Luo also determined to monopolize the European Golden Boot this season , ranking in the current correlation , C Luo and Liverpool striker Luis - Suarez tied for first place . cheap fifa 14 coins They also scored 31 goals , 62 points are points . Premier League has ended, Lewis - Suarez scores will be fixed in 62 minutes . If riding on C Lo La Liga absence , he will share the European Golden Boot with Uruguayans , this is C Lo unwilling to see.