Share some offensive and defensive Skills in playing FIFA 16

Nov 02 2015

In "FIFA 16" a lot of players want to challenge to achieve Season D1, it needs more attention to the operating skills during the game, below we bring the following tips of the players shared, let’s have a look.

Searching persons is too hard, sometimes I get home late because of the overtime work, from 9:00 in the evening to 12:03 hours only connected two or three times, so until now finished the kick season, a total of eight seasons, losing the ball and draw are in the most situation, so before D2 I lose Two title, it seems to be D3, D5. UT has just started, because I used pure hand to play, the line is just so so, and too time-consuming, so when the four seasons begins, I just arrived in D6.
We see a lot of complaints about the 16, It’s indeed anxious that high rate of people passing errors, when the game just started it often happens draw, and the two sides have various mistakes. But no way, I love football and games, since there was no change in the game system, it can only slowly adapt to it. Here let me talk about a little personal experience after so many seasons of playing it, more superficial, the main idea is trying to prevent missing mental balance leaded by bad, inexplicable errors.
Offense: short pass layers forward, closing down more fierce opponents, then you can transfer a long pass appropriate export gap. Little far away from the ball, the more it with r1 + X, X high turnovers, too many uncontrollable factors, r1 + X ball fast, sometimes there will be a similar effect behind the ball. When passing to teammates in the restricted area before backing to the gate with r1 + X best, directly or fancy rounded out the restricted fake shot after the ball. X pass with words, often force too light, before the defender automatically grab steals situation will arise. Mainly rely on the wing or become inward-cut fancy, basically it does not pass in.
Defense: The basic idea we all know, is policy rocker Substitution and blocking the pass routes from fifa12, the other is depended on the individual operating and pre-sentenced. My defense is not good, often wandering, out of position, etc. So basically conceded per game. . . But one thing back line passing try to choose the most secure people pass it, is such as a short pass route near the other players that do not pass, those are probably inexplicable mistakes, such as the power of light, directly off single-handedly, and so on. If, as I sometimes think it is anti-poor, altogether only controls a defensive midfielder Road the other players and the collusion of the ball point, partial wing to do with each other, let the computer defense to interfere, after all, the ultimate purpose other chamfer or want to Road breakthrough. If you rush the ball in the wing, and in the middle appears noticeable gap, that’s but worth the candle.
Fancy: Summarizes some of the most practical, after two 90-degree oblique rapid change of direction around the stadium, they can be used to directly break forward before fake that shot + L2 + direction, in the restricted area or pull the ball extraordinary maneuver Marseille it’s most likely to cause a penalty.