Not scored in champions to Madrid Ibra gets motivated

Nov 03 2015

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is wanting. At 34 he recognizes that one of the few things that has lacked done in the world of football is to play for Real Madrid, a fact which now appears neither in the FIFA16 roadmap nor in the white club. He arrives touched, but eager to prove that Florentino Perez was wrong on both occasions when the Swede could become a Real Madrid player.

The meeting tomorrow will not abuts, as demonstrated by the absence in the match PSG last Friday, but the emotional burden it brings will do the rest to finally be shown at the Santiago Bernabeu this player is, the same one that proclaims itself the world's best.

So far, the three visits to Madrid stadium Ibrahimovic have resulted in three defeats and no Swedish goal. Juventus, Milan and Sweden have seen it crashed front and stayed at zero.

Ibrahimovic has been on a couple of occasions in the spotlight of the Madrid entity. In the first, the option was not taken into account by Florentino Perez for the presence of players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema. The scene came at the time when the Swede had to leave the discipline of Barcelona. Mino Raiola, his agent and then some, summarizes what happened to BRAND: "I told Rosell, but he told me that Florentino Perez was his friend and that he never would sign Zlatan just wanted to play for Real Madrid Rosell became.. crazy when he said he did not accept anything else. It was clear. "

The second occasion was in 2014. Ancelotti wanted him. "I got to travel to Madrid to meet with Jose Angel Sanchez, but Al Khelaifi learned that he was called from the FIFA Bernabeu and the meeting was canceled. So no more" says Raiola.

The Swedish striker arrives at Bernabeu, motivated, wanting. You can not be considered to be a thorn, but it has something in and something to prove.