EA new work "FIFA16" Review: More to mental and physical football game

Nov 09 2015

Why I begin to do FIFA16 evaluation for waiting so long, because this change, "stocking up" nature of sports games to improve and selling point, take some time to observe and taste. First of all, let’s talk starting from some obvious changes.


Since the "FIFA13" Enable IGNITE engine in the host version, FIFA series of screen performance has once again been a qualitative leap, the precise details of the presentation of the various competitions, greatly improved presence. Players entering the time, the venue will photographer lens at both sides of the star players, winger speed forward, we will be able to see their hard lateral panning. In the game into a stalemate when the bench to warm up on the sidelines, eager. After the team to make adjustments, you can even see the fourth official in the technical area back and forth. This production, we can see the players the right to exchange the throw, the referee at the time of discharge spray turf dash against the wall and so exciting details.


Although the above-mentioned scenes tidbits have nothing to do with the actual operation, but let the game as smooth as the live picture, the more people feel this virtual arena staged all green, all with vitality. The EA Sports of these efforts, and finally formed a force in FIFA16 coins, the visual level from "game screen" toward "live broadcast" direction.


When initially announced FIFA16 Women's contents, considered by many to be a gimmick. In fact, EA Sports handling this piece of content or intentions. Women's movements have re-acquired data, and feel and soccer also have significant differences. Only action on the players celebrating lazy or there is a clear style, just in men's soccer on the basis of the action module Mongolia a layer of skin, so there will be such as slip kneeling, crying and so very discordant picture ......


Technical and tactical soccer game between the two sides of the competition, but in the past FIFA series, more than technical or operating among the players, and even deterioration of network warfare offensive explosion is by mutual ping-pong, quite mad rush defense is to rely on the so-called It is a variety of tactics "heap" and so extreme. For those who want to use both hands to enjoy a happy football players, play very tired, could do nothing. FIFA16 on the rhythm of things right, to both ends leaving sufficient space and time to think, so that we can re-read the game, and his understanding of the situation on the ground implementation. While this high-end design ideas may affect the game fluency and straightforward, but does not pierce this layer of paper windows, FIFA is difficult to break through the bottleneck of the four years since it began. Do not forget, PES series has begun to catch up.