Neymar, The Greatest Show on Earth

Nov 10 2015

 Cristiano Ronaldo has already said that he came after Messi and Neymar. He was not wrong. What the Portuguese do not know is how close it. Neymar has matured in his game in a spectacular way, has taken responsibility. Villarreal put him yesterday to three players to mark him and got out of them. The 'golaço' did was the award for their work and class. Although more than half of the responsibility of both his partner was Busquets who stole the ball and gave an assist luxury. Busi, the great forgotten individual awards, confirmed once more its category. The 1-0 was decisive. Ney added his tenth league goal.


Incidentally Marcelino forced to change their plans. He pulled the midfield, Pina, to put the young Bakambu screaming fast. He won offensively FIFA16 coins, but left more space to Barca.


And the team of Luis Enrique took advantage. It was another move by Munir, to the hard working and toned Villarreal. Costa him down inside the area. And Neymar, showing his greatness as a player, he gave the ball to his colleague Luis Suarez for that mark from 11 meters in the near-final 2-0. Between the two they have signed the last 17 goals the club. A animalada.


But there was still the best for show. His second would have signed Pele himself. in fact, if you remember, it was like he did 'O Rei' with Brazil in the 1958 World Cup in Sweden a 'hat' into the game, before finishing 3-0. There he returned the favor because Luis Suarez 2-0 gave an assist of great category. And the 'hat' Costa is even more difficult because they did back. The sensational goal recordóa also one that made Ronaldinho in Sadar against Osasuna.


And the little big company which is Neymar with Suarez almost made the 4-0. The Uruguayan shot went off the post. How great are the friends and 'killers'!


This boat reaches the Classic with head high or injuries have been with them or sanctions from FIFA and UEFA, nothing. The least that this team deserves is to stand and clap until your hands hurt.