Cristiano Ronaldo continues to collect records

Dec 09 2015

The lazy match against Malmo was a scoring chance for Real Madrid refine their machinery and the front is loaded more confidence for the next matches, Cristiano Ronaldo has not missed an opportunity. But the party has not been completed, because with four goals has been on the verge of equaling Leo Messi and Luiz Adriano as the only two players who so far have been able to do five goals in one match Champions.

Assistant to ... killler

The Portuguese began the match in Wizard Mode, as the two actions started the first two goals of Madrid's Benzema Karim header and own a measured pass CR7. The truth is that after 7 Madrid had several more chances, some clear, as two separate free testarazos brand that is going away from the framework of the Swedish team until free kick in collaboration with the goalkeeper Wiland, making his first goal and the third from Madrid.

In the second part, and with only two minutes played, Cristiano showed his scoring being where it should be a battering ram for the fourth Madrid and second of his tally. Three minutes later it was 4-0, 59 e, after a measured pass well ahead Benzema and CR7 team's goalkeeper added the fourth in his tally.

21 goals in 14 games

From here, minute, 59 'because everyone missed accounts and wondered if CR7 be able to achieve the fifth and match Messi and Luiz Adriano, but was unsuccessful. He had their chances, but could not materialize.

Of course, nobody will take away that was the first player to reach eleven goals in the group stage of the FIFA16 Champions League, not forgetting that holds the scoring record. After 11 goals in Champions must be added ten achieved in the league, making a total of 21 goals in 20 games.