Real Madrid Announced Not Sale 80 Million James

May 13 2016

Recently the media has a lot of rumors that James will buy fifa 16 coins move away from Real Madrid in the summer, but the latest news from the "Aspen" said the Real Madrid will not listen to any offer for James, because the club will still regard James as the team blueprint important figure in the future.

Previously Spanish radio reported , James is likely to leave Real Madrid in the summer, and there are cheap fifa 16 ut coins six giants are hoping the introduction of this Colombian star. Colombians join Real Madrid from Monaco in the summer of 2014, when his transfer fee of up to 80 million euros, however, whether in the hands of Benitez or Zidane, James is very difficult to win the main location. According to the argument, the reason James wants to leave Real Madrid is very simple, that is to play more games, but his relationship with Zidane is also very general. James is the life of the contract with Real Madrid in 2020, Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Juventus and Bayern Munich are hoping to introduce the Colombian striker.

James is really poor performance in this season, arguably one of the most bleak career season. His stunning performance last season, scored 17 goals for Real Madrid, also 17 help teammates to got scores, but now his confidence is very low, his position in the squad also decreased significantly, can buy fifa ultimate team coins be said to have become the first 14 or 15 people in team. For this reason, although his contract with Real Madrid until June 2020 to expire, he decided to talk with the executives to re-plan his own future.

Many clubs interested for James, "the Daily Express" represents Manchester United will become the new owner of Colombians, James has even asked broker about the situation in the Manchester United, the Red Devils are willing to offer 75 million euros to buy James. Their competitors will be Juventus, the Serie A dominant although traced willing to pay 50 million euros, it is clear that Juventus has its own advantages, once James as part of Real Madrid deal Boge Ba, Real Madrid may be more willing to use James to exchange Bo Geba.

It is reported that, James has put its own house in Madrid to rent, of course, James has no plans to sell the house. If he chooses to rent ,a month, there will be 17,000 euros in revenue, and, James has asked the real estate agent to speed.