Wenger: the last 25 minutes like a nightmare

Feb 16 2017

Arsenal away in the Bundesliga giants Bayern, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger in an interview that the fifa 17 xbox one coins team in the last 25 minutes as if through a nightmare.

About the performance of the game

"It was a strange game because I thought we played quite well in the first half, and we got some good chances before the end of the halftime. After that, we suffered a blow - the first was Cosce Ernie (injured), then we in the first 53 minutes and 56 minutes lost 2 balls. One of the second ball is difficult to accept, because that is our one corner, we have five players in the restricted area defense , And when they kick the ball, there are two balls on the court.We really ushered in trouble after the third conceded, because we have lost the organization, our spirit has been very tired from that time on, the last 25 minutes for us is a nightmare, because we seem to have no strength to fight back.

About why Coase Czerny played such a big impact

"If you ask me, I am not willing to keep Coase Czerny in the field, I will say yes. After his fate, it is difficult to really assess the impact caused by now we have to try to accept this reality Whatever we say now, this result will certainly hurt us, because our performance is too bad.

About why the players are so tired in such an important game

"I think the players are hard to accept in the 53 minutes and 56 minutes lost 2 goals.We must buy fifa 17 coins analyze this point to the outsider's point of view.We lost the organization, lost the guard. After the third conceded, the spirit And the organization is not there before we control them quite well.