Laporta: Barcelona management is destroying the team

Feb 17 2017

"The management of Barcelona is destroying Barcelona," said former  fifa 17 ps4 coins President Laporta of Barcelona.

Barcelona recently in the Champions League 1/8 finals of the first leg of the game 0-4 lost to Paris, Barcelona for the situation, Laporta recently said in an interview: "This session of the management is destroying Barcelona, ​​they are not making good use of We have left everything for them, and Barcelona is very dangerous in the hands of such managers.

"I support Enrique, who also supports the journalist, who was going through a difficult moment when Enrique was in a very, In the face of a bad situation, he made such a response in front of an innocent question.

"I'm optimistic about the team's comeback, and I'm absolutely standing on the side of the players and coaches," said Laporta.

"The most painful is the Champions League semi-finals with Inter Milan, which is the chance for us to play the finals in Bernabeu, and we are very fond of going there," said Laporta, who has been the most painful defeat she has ever experienced during the club's chairmanship. But it was true that we did not know how to deal with the 10 - nation Inter Milan, and the 4-1 at the Bernabeu Stadium, which was a terrible experience, and the  players were very angry at the time.

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