Ramos 7 Savior, the total number of goals beyond the legendary Carlos

Mar 14 2017

Ramos has seven Savior this season and has scored 68 goals in Real Madrid, surpassing Robert Carlos to buy fifa 17 coins  become Real Madrid's second-ever scoring goal.

Round of the league Ramos dedication lore, Bernabeu fans can sing again: "Sergio - Ramos scored!" Tony - Cross issued a corner, Real Madrid captain appeared in the deadly area, Header lore! This is the season's Ramos's 9th goal break, 7 of which played a key role in the final score, only against Osasuna's goal for the icing on the cake.

At this point, Ramos scored in Real Madrid has reached 68, beyond the Robert - Carlos (67), Real Madrid scored the second most defender, second only to 127 balls recorded in the Hierro.

Ramos this season, the key header to break (before the score for the goal, the brackets for the final  fifa 17 ps4 coins score):

European Super Cup, Real Madrid 2-2 Sevilla (3-2)
La Liga, Real Madrid 1-1 Villarreal (1-1)
La Liga, Barcelona 1-1 Real Madrid (1-1)
La Liga, Real Madrid 3-2 La Coruña (3-2)
La Liga, Real Madrid 1-0 Malaga (2-1)
Champions League, Naples 1-1 Real Madrid (1-3)