Brazil before the international: Nei Maer in the 1970s are difficult to make up for

Mar 15 2017

"In the Brazilian team that won in 1970, Nemal had no place in the field, even at the  cheap fifa 17 coins bench," he said in an interview.

Nei Maer is Brazil's most talented player, but may not win the World Cup in 1970, the Brazilian array is unable to start. This is the Brazilian former grips in the FOX program on the point of view, those who raised the Gold Cup players irreplaceable. Gersson is the main midfielder of Brazil's World Cup championship in 1970. He said: "Nemal will not have a position, he replaces who Neumer can not replace Rivelino and Bailey, or instead of Tosson or Jay Chienio even in the midfield he did not position.

"We have Paul-Cesar, very talented, often playing his midfielder or midfielder," he said, "he is a genius." The player, so that he can improve the situation to play, but he is a substitute, so I do not know Neumer in this team will have a position, even in the bench did not.

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