FIFA-gate News Analysis: It’ll be lonely this Christmas for Marin and Napout

Dec 25 2017

December 22 – Jose Maria Marin, former head of Brazil’s Football Confederation and Juan Angel Napout, former head of Paraguayan football are spending their first Christmas in jail after the jury in what has been dubbed the FIFA-gate trial found them built of racketeering conspiracy and accepting bribes in return for commercial rights. Marin, 85, and Napout, 59, each face at least 10 years in prison with a maximum sentence of 20 years. and also you can buy fifa 18 coins from our site. As Elvis once sang, it’ll be lonely this Christmas. Though Marin and Napout could soon find themselves joined by a lot of old friends as sentencing of others indicted in the scandal that rocked FIFA begins in earnest after the New Year. Throughout the trial the prosecution built a picture of a much wider world of FIFA corruption, but a wider world based mainly based on hearsay and stories of what might have happened.



For their case it is all about FIFA being a mafia style operation. The third defendant in the Brooklyn trial, former Peruvian FA boss Manuel Burga, is still awaiting a jury verdict. They will return after Christmas to decide his fate. At the heart of the defence was the claim that the prosecution’s case was built around witnesses who had pleaded guilty to corruption surrounding commercial rights to major tournaments. They argued that the evidence was untrustworthy as the witnesses would say anything to reduce their own sentences yet to be handed down. Ultimately the evidence was too overwhelming for Marin and Napout. and also you can get buy fifa 18 coins from our site. Marin was convicted on six of seven counts, and Napout, 59, on three out of five, all related to the award of marketing and broadcast rights. They were accused of accepting more than $17 million in bribes – Napout $10.5 million, Marin $6.55 million. Burga faces one count of racketeering conspiracy.