Mar 26 2019

We sat down with Tat Gor to hear what inspired him to start streaming, what attracts him to gaming, and his thoughts on FIFA 19.

The following is that What or who inspired TAT GOR to start streaming?

When I was a schoolboy, I used to play video games with my friends. After school, they always came over, and we played until very late. Although we played video games like crazy, we luckily still got into university. However, once we graduated, we seldom had time to play games together. And also I like playing fifa 19 games, and I will got to buy somefifa coins to build my team. I started working for a Television Station. There were tons of tasks and jobs for me, and I worked overtime every day. I suddenly realized that I rarely had a chance to pick up my game controllers. I decided then that I didn’t want my whole life to be fully occupied by my work.

Luckily, the streaming technology started to become user-friendly and accessible. Streaming makes me recall my childhood, not only my friends but also thousands of audiences that can play together with me. People are chatting, laughing, and it is full of happiness. and also you can get morecheap fifa coins. Moreover, gaming brings me a sense of focus and excitement. While I am playing games, I can feel the adrenaline and blood pumping through my body. It gives me the feeling as if I were a cowboy having a duel. When I am fully concentrated on a game, it frees me from pressure and negative emotions.