FUT 19 CR7 about news

Mar 27 2019

I did not enjoy CR7 in FIFA 18.  After reading loads of articles, Reddit posts, and FUTBIN reviews I was excited when I finally had enough coins to purchase the then Real Madrid man. I think he lasted 15 games and I sold him, never using him again for the remainder of the year.  As I have mentioned a few fifa coins already this year I was fortunate enough during Carniball to pack the now Juventus frontman in a brilliant stroke of luck. I won’t lie that after 10 games with only 5 goals I was about ready to sell and move on yet again.  Needless to say, after 40 games, 39 goals and 15 assists, my tone has changed. and you can buy fifa coins from our site.  Playstyle is such a huge factor in how FUT Managers determine the value on a player.


 I realized after 10 games that I was simply trying to make CR7 do what previous strikers like Butragueño and Mbappé had done for me and getting frustrated when it did not work.  In reality CR7 is an entirely different animal, and once you learn to control him, he can be set loose on yourfifa fut and tear them apart in a matter of minutes. The back post header has become an abused gameplay feature and whether or not you agree with exploiting it, it is hard to deny its effectiveness.  While I can only imagine the quality of TOTY CR7, I will speak to the fact that NIF CR7 is fantastic in the air.  At times I even felt guilty as a misguided cross would lob up near the top of the 18 year box, only to have Ronaldo jump out of the fifa coins to send a laser beam header into the top bin.  88 STAMINA is just another perk in the list of abilities this card possess.