All you need to know is FIFA eNations Cup 2019

Apr 10 2019

The event will be broadcast live on 13 and 14 April by the media rights licence holders as well as on the FIFA digital channels.Twenty countries from six confederations will be taking part in the inaugural FIFA eNations Cup 2019™. and also you can buy fifa coins from our site. Click here for a list of the participating countries. Each match will comprise of three games: the first game is 1v1 on PlayStation, the second is 1v1 on the Xbox, while the third is a 2v2 game. A total of nine points will therefore be available for each match with a win worth three points, a draw one point and no points for a loss.


Each match will comprise of two 1v1 games on each console, but the aggregate score will not be of importance as each game is worth three points for a win, one for a draw and none for a defeat.and also you can get many cheap fifa 19 coins from fifa1314.  Should the two countries be equal on points after the first two games, a third game will be played; a 2v2 to decide the winner.The knock-out stage will be made up of the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final.