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May 28 2019

In truth, this is not just down to his own particular skillset, but rather it stems from Uruguay’s search for a fresh playing style. At Poland 2019 though, La Celeste’s attacks have often revolved around him. A born organiser, he is capable of delivering dangerous balls that catch defences off cheap fifa coins ps4, and as if all these attributes were not enough, he boasts a reputation for scoring from powerful free-kicks that belie his diminutive stature.For many years, the team were characterised by their strength, dedication and hard work; in other words, the famous garra charrúa. Now, however, they have been looking at other ways to achieve their goals. “It’s something we’ve been working on,” he explained. “Now the idea is to always try and play, to look for the pass, to drop back to collect the ball. Now we’re pretty comfortable when we have the ball in our possession.”In theory, Nicolas Acevedo’s role in the Uruguay midfield is to win the team coin and make life difficult for the opposition, ensuring that they do not make progress towards the penalty area. This suits him well because, although he does not actually play in the back line, he has performed as a centre-back for the majority of his life.