Two years ago, the French refused to introduce ourselves Zizou Deschamps: hope next season when his coach

Apr 17 2014

The current status Zidane Real Madrid assistant coach Carlo Ancelotti,FIFA 14 Coins he assisted with the first team, but according to the French Football Federation revealed that Zidane would have hoped his own, two years ago, he coached the French team had to introduce ourselves .

Roger Lae said: "Zidane wanted to coach the French team, and this is very clear, and I talked to him met her, was informed of his request, but I think the time is not yet ripe, because first of all he had in a club team accumulated coaching experience. "
President of the French Football Federation said what happened two years ago when Blanco retired from the national team coach position,Buy FIFA 14 Coins Zidane volunteered, but not his coaching experience and the largest hot Deschamps Deschamps has previously coached Monaco, Juventus and other teams, so the final choice of the French Football Federation Deschamps.
About Zidane introduce ourselves as the France coach concerned, Deschamps also be confirmed before, he said: "Yes, it's true, that occurred in 2012." In addition Deschamps also revealed another important information. "Zidane want to coach a team next season, he knew he wanted to go, and I did not know."
Deschamps would rate this summer, the French team set off Brazil World Cup,Cheap FIFA 14 Coins he was in Brazil Tour outlook outlook, said: "Today we are not one of the best teams in Europe and the world, there are six or seven teams are likely to win the World Cup, we will work at it. My goal was to bring together the best 23 players, I have to ensure that the problem does not occur in the locker room, as well as showing the best performance for the team. "