Bayern Dott rendezvous German Cup with no decision Saile Fu Cup warm-up

Apr 18 2014

German national team recently described as a double whammy, not only the team's World Cup Resident tragic flooding in from the World Cup there two months when still a big site, project progress worrying.FIFA 14 Coins Even the German team to prepare for , probably have been seriously affected . Bayern and Dortmund due to rendezvous German Cup final , Arsenal into the FA Cup final , Chelsea, taking into account the impact of the injury is expected to enter the Champions League final , and Klose , Gomez , Khedira , Gundogan et al , Le Cardiff German team almost no one is available in warm-up match before the World Cup , Loew 's team before the World Cup would be difficult to have enough time to prepare .

Arrangements in accordance with the German Football Association , the German team in May 13 against the Polish national team in Hamburg , expand a key warm-up match before the World Cup . But both Bayern and Dortmund striker big reunion May 17 German Cup final , which means that we can not see this warm-up match Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund 's German international a .Cheap FIFA 14 Coins Neuer , Lahm , Goetze , Bastian Schweinsteiger , Cross , Boateng , Muller, Weidenfeller , Hummels , Royce , Schmeltzer , Gross Crow Izz and other 12 German international will not play . But Dortmund 's Polish striker Lewandowski Piszczek and also will miss this warm-up match .
To make matters worse , the overseas big German national team striker Arsenal can not help the national team . Since Arsenal march on the FA Cup final on May 17 , which means that Ozil , Podolski , Mertesacker , even teenager Bridget Wagner heats are unable to attend the May 13 . In addition, Serie A and La Liga until May 18 until the end, Klose , Gomez , Khedira , who can not participate in this warm-up race. Of course , given the continued impact of injuries this season, three of them , when they are unknown timely comeback .
In the last season, Dortmund and Bayern reached the Champions League final, the German team in the warm-up match in Hamburg players were reused , but this is probably no longer rely Loew Hamburg player. Bundesliga Hamburg is currently ranked third from the bottom , is likely to attend the relegation playoff after the end of the season, Adler, Jansen, Westermann can not play, more injury in the body .Buy FIFA 14 Coins In addition to the Champions League final if Chelsea advance , then Germany striker Xu Earle can not compete. This means that the German team in the race to discharge a very strange lineup , Lufkin estimates are not very familiar with their players ah.