Nesta successor PK exposure Naples Wish grab Liverpool Manchester City Wardens

Apr 21 2014

Early in the season , people invested in the transfer market generous Naples is full of expectations , but actual performance was disappointing in Naples .FIFA 14 Coins As of 34 Serie cruised , Naples plot 68 points ranked third in Serie A , Juventus much difference from the top of the 22 points .

January 3 , Inter officially announced , Nokia join. 22 -year-old Ranocchia , known as Italy 's " new Nesta ." Eight years ago, Inter Milan Nesta had once very close to , but because Lazio $ 30 million asking price is too high to give up , the result Nesta joined Milan and became the greatest Maldini Milan defender , allowing Inter to regret it, Today, Inter finally have a new Nesta , compensation can be considered a side . Next, let us look back under the "true Nesta ."
Today , the league has almost no pursuit of Naples will be targeted in the next season , the team has now also started to look for future signings .Cheap FIFA 14 Coins Messages from "the market" , said the defense, Benitez's team intends to introduce Inter Milan defender Ranocchia . Inter Milan defender Ranocchia and contract expires next summer , Inter Milan in the summer sale of its intention to acquire part of the transfer of funds , while Benitez hopes that after the introduction of Nokia and Albiol pulling a team composed of his ideal partner.
In addition , Nokia , Naples Manchester City are also interested in the effectiveness of the current poaching England defender Richards . The 25 -year-old player has been this season due to lack of sufficient opportunity to play at Manchester City ,Buy FIFA 14 Coins has already sprouted to Italy . News from the "Turin Sports Daily" said , Naples may bid 11 million Euro will be the players to buy . And in addition to Naples, the English Premier League club Liverpool and West Ham also intends to introduce him.
In addition , Naples goalkeeper Pepe Reina is currently on loan from Liverpool , after taking into account the return to Liverpool Reina almost unlikely to be the main location , and the Spaniards in the team 's performance this season is pretty good, and therefore intends to Naples in the summer the Reina buyout. News from the " Corriere dello Sport" , said Reyna 's contract contains a value of £ 5.2 million buyout clause , Naples intends to buy out his contract after three years of Reina .