Courtois exposure raises the imminent renewal of the Blues next season or renew Atletico

Apr 22 2014


 Champions League semi-final first leg, Chelsea away games with Atletico imminent. The game, Chelsea goalkeeper Courtois loaned to Atletico naturally in the spotlight. Before the game, the British media spread the news that Chelsea is about to renew with the Belgian country to 2018.
"Carrier style" was popular network, European football is also eager for it! Recently, the Atletico fans emulating the classic team goalkeeper Courtois of Cepu posture, enthusiastic fans continued to rise, to imitate the way it manifold,FIFA 14 Coins and even the dog also imitate a kind of mold.
2011, Chelsea spent £ 7 million from Genk club buyout Courtois. This season, including three consecutive seasons, the Blues will be the 90 small loan to Atletico Madrid goalkeeper workout. Courtois step by step development smoothly. Today, Courtois has become one of the best goalkeepers in Europe, he has aroused great interest, including Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​including many of the team.
After the end of the season, on the left Courtois contract for two years. Mourinho wants to recall Courtois, to form healthy competition and Cech.Buy FIFA 14 Coins  But the player himself said many times before, he did not want to come off the bench Cech. For insurance purposes, with Courtois Chelsea intend to pay to renew. According to "Daily Mail" exclusive news 21 evening, the two sides have reached a consensus, is expected on the basis of the existing contract be extended for two years contract until 2018.
Courtois is currently Chelsea's £ 30,000 weekly earnings, after renewed overwhelmed, his reward will be improved to some extent. Mourinho believes Cech is still the peak of a few years, though polls show Courtois Blues fans hope for the team next season goalie, but Mike Mussina will make next season should play the main Cech.Cheap FIFA 14 Coins If this is the case, Atletico Madrid will be hoping to hire Courtois fourth consecutive season. Given Chelsea intends to acquire front of God Atletico Diego - Costa, the Blues are likely to meet this requirement Atletico.
Chelsea and Atletico's game, flying wing Azar Belgium can play, remains a mystery. Chelsea beat Paris Saint-Germain 2-0 game, Azar has a calf injury and a truce, a week of training, he did not travel with the team training, but recovery in the gym alone. However, Mike Mussina set off a large list published in Madrid, Azar impressively.