Small Gaddafi - Libya's most notorious players

Apr 23 2014

The name can be a very powerful thing , especially in this day and almost nothing can go beyond the barriers of the era of electronic media .

In this superficial age, your name is likely to become one of the most decisive factor , determines the others think of you , or even to decide your fate . When we think about the fate of Saadi Gaddafi ( commonly known as small football Gaddafi ) , which is more worthy to mind.
With control of his father 's regime was overthrown , Saadi Gaddafi fled to Niger , first refuge , was extradited back to the country of Libya recently invested imprisoned . Saadi , of course , has become the most notorious for decades , FIFA 14 Coins one of the names most people can evoke memories . The name , with the tyrant who ruled Libya for 42 years is closely related to the dictator who repeatedly tries to pull the tail of superpowers , and ultimately also got the retribution, many people believe that is his fate.
The man 's son Saadi is , there is no doubt , can not get rid of the fact that the road his life has therefore been determined in advance . This fact has been as powerful and luxurious Saadi open the door , and now letting him go prison , and even worse in the future.
The reporters and their relationship respondents often superficial contact with others who , like fleeting world , due to the intersection of the interests of the moment and get to know , and then they parted ways. But I and Saadi - former footballer 's familiar , but do most other " news sources " as stand the test of time. He had tried to build a stadium in Italy, his career , and of course , it was later reduced to a laughing stock.
Has shown signs of Saadi 2002 , at a luxury hotel in Rome , he signed Owen holding a red Liverpool shirt came out from the side room , that look of reverence proves how much this guy is addicted to football. After two and half years ,Cheap FIFA 14 Coins  I am located in Perugia 's residence to meet with him again in the Saadi , he said to me , Libya had considered buying Manchester United 's stock , which he told his father , " is like the acquisition of the Anglican Church ."
Our third meeting takes place in Paris in the second half of 2006 , he explained to me his ambitious plans - from the Tunisian border in the far stretches 40 km of coastal desert , Libya belonging to Hong Kong to build a mini "We is exploring the issue one country . " he said to me , then painted his imaginary tall commercial city will reduce taxes , inviting guests , the green channel , providing offshore banking to become truly free and democratic society .
"This is , " he said, " a great landmark decision ." However , fate has not intend to be left to his father - Colonel Qaddafi in time . The next time I spoke to Saadi , has returned to Tripoli , was fierce conflict at any time may create overturning his father 's regime . On that occasion, we were exchanged by telephone.
I told him he should leave Libya ; he assured me that his life as usual , and even told me what he ate for lunch . Based on nearly 10 years of accumulated hours of interviews and talk about , I totally can Saadi character traits conclude that even in the mouths of its followers , he is also a gentleman , a great imagination , " engineer ."
He is a dreamer : In addition to creating " semi-independent " commercial city of grand blueprint , we also talked about how to establish contact with the land fertile southern African countries to ensure Libya's food supply. He is also like a spoiled child : but for those already identified in the growth environment and way of life, he can make any choice?
He is a crazy football fan : really so . He is the son of Zhongxiao endowment : He never criticized me in front of his father , though sometimes dissatisfied with the practice of his father , but always subordinate to him .
According to my judgment, he is by no means bad , but do not take the world with the mob . Yes , it can be said that he and his family members rely on the rule of Libyan people live , but Libya has not become particularly poverty.
Oh, and personality Saadi decided never to rise up against his father, and only within the capability range of his way to change this country.Buy FIFA 14 Coins If you could choose , I'm sure he'll get out of there , too quiet life of their own . If his last name was Smith or sheets , not Gaddafi , he can have that kind of life.
In my opinion, with respect to the luxurious life , he longing for that kind of life . I am worried about his future , can only regret that he may never get a chance like the quiet life .