Van Buyten arrived in Madrid star father passed away on urgent to return home

Apr 23 2014

Bayern team has arrived in Madrid started preparing for the Champions League semi-final , but Bayern 's list we find the two missing : veteran Van Buyten of Belgium and Denmark teenager Hoy Bigger .FIFA 14 Coins Veteran Van Buyten had just arrived back in Madrid Munich handled immediately formalities had his wife in labor , Van Buyten to get back to accompany his wife . Bayern teenager Hoy Bigger is suffered tragedy, because stomach cancer and his father passed away, he had to fly back to Denmark emergency funeral . Bayern for their injury , the battle lost two players for the team 's lineup this thickness is a huge blow.

Tuesday morning, the team has just arrived with Madrid and Bayern defender Van Buyten of Belgium , immediately began to apply his check , he needs to return to Munich immediately. This is how the same thing ? Originally, Van Buyten 's wife in labor , two of the upcoming third child was born ,Cheap FIFA 14 Coins  the plane had just learned the news after Van Buyten decision immediately flew back to Munich , Bayern executives also sensible to allow the Belgian veteran temporary leave. Van Buyten now have two children, a child and a daughter. German media have congratulated Van Buyten , Bayern hope luck veteran can borrow a good performance on the road .
Bayern game there are unexpected absence Danish team teenager Hoy Bigger , Tuesday evening, Hoy Bigger father died because of stomach cancer , Danish teenager also flew back to Denmark emergency funeral . Bigger Hoy last September 's father was diagnosed with stomach cancer is already advanced , Danish doctor even said Hoy Bigger father did not want a cure . 2013 Young Player of the Year in Denmark was feeling very depressed , " I'm sorry , even in the training process, I will secretly tears , my father might leave me , I was only 18 years old , and I'm far away Munich I'm sorry , but I am a person in a foreign country far away , how can I do it ? "
Bayern and later lent a helping hand ,Buy FIFA 14 Coins Bayern coach Guardiola care is particularly important , Hoy Bigger said , "He told me I have to believe that the people around you can help me, must try to stick to it , the more we exchange. Guardiola with his arm holding me and talk to me, he helped me a lot and he will actually be sad with me , and even cry out, he told me the club will definitely help me . " Bayern chairman Hoeness also actively lent a helping hand , he will receive Hoy Bigger father Munich , Germany, and invited doctors to treat him , but eventually Hoy Bigger 's father did not overcome the disease .