"FIFA OL 3" does not delete files fanatical version introduces new content

Apr 25 2014

In this "FIFA Online 3" does not delete files fanatical version adds some new content and gameplay. Mainly the locker room and player data update system , take a look at it !

Locker system
The beta version does not delete files appear in the biggest bright spot is rumored locker system. In previous versions ,FIFA 14 Coins "EA SPORTS? FIFA Online 3" game players do not support custom dress and player number changes , this time adding the locker system makes all this possible.
In the locker system, players can achieve jerseys , shorts , shoes and a number of custom settings. Optional long-sleeved shirts , short-sleeved and tight , loose , but also set the left and right wrist ; ball pants can choose left foot and knee length socks ; shoes Adidas has provided a large number of copyright realistic soccer shoes ; while the number of custom Messi easily solve your situation can not be wearing No. 10 .
Particular note is the locker room with gold to buy props Oh ! All players can purchase easily !
Player data update
The fanatical version does not delete files ,Cheap FIFA 14 Coins player, team data is fully synchronized with the latest 2014 winter transfer data . 2014 Winter major transfer information to complete , have been presented for the players in the game . The players are also based on their actual ability to attribute the changes in the performance .
The player data update, add a total of 2149 players. 771 players to replace the league. We are familiar with the hole card has been in the game Fluminense team , and this year was a very good Sturridge , Suarez , Costa and other players capabilities have been greatly enhanced. These data, real-time updates to reflect "FIFA Online 3" game precision immersive realism .
Currently "FIFA Online 3" are fanatical Telephone Number does not delete files test phase ,Buy FIFA 14 Coins the official telephone numbers are sent every day a large number of channel activation , friends who want to experience the real football game must not miss !