C Lo : Portugal is not a popular retired after the World Cup football coach when I'm not

Apr 25 2014

I always wanted to play. "C Lo accepted Croatian media " Sportske Novosti " bare their feelings .

"I always wanted to play the game and I enjoy playing football because football is my job , as my passion. Except my own initiative ,FIFA 14 Coins I enjoy myself every game , it makes me very relaxed in the most good condition and I 've been looking to improve , to complete my goal , rather than defeat. continue to maintain this state is not easy, but my strength and passion can help me every day showing the best of themselves . "
C Luo also talked about the World Cup, " Portugal is not a popular team , unlike Brazil, Spain, Germany, Argentina ...... no pressure on our shoulders , Cheap FIFA 14 Coins we will lay a field of their own race , to fight for the championship and we first with the results of the German race , will determine our ranking in this World Cup . "
C Luo also praise from his teammates Modric , "I know he has been for a long time , from the Premier League began . He was kicking the best football of his career , it is not just that he played so incredible , but he can consistently , which is not easy in La Liga or Real Madrid . I told him very well, he is a humble guy and I get along with him very stick . "
When asked about life after retirement , C Luo made ​​it clear that what is no longer engaged after retirement ,Buy FIFA 14 Coins "I do not know what I would go after retirement , but I'm not going to become a football coach , which is a difficult job, even though I want to stay in football after retirement going? I do not know where I will settle nothing but if things change, I tend to stay in Spain . "
C Lo is notoriously football philanthropist , on their own keen on philanthropy , C Luo said: " I ​​do not like to talk about them , because when you help others, other people know I do not mind my parents often told . me, when you help someone life will return to you God gave me everything , health, incredible family , a successful career ...... I enjoy the privilege . "