Messi vows to win Shuai will offer the White Horse Prophecy Vilanova Argentina

May 14 2014

In the La Liga title race war, Macy behalf of the team to the fans swear. In an interview with " the daily sports newspaper " interview, Messi La Liga champions should stand dedicated to the recent death of Vilanova . fifa 14 coins Meanwhile Messi predicted Martino will sooner or later enter the Argentina national team as coach .

"Daily Sports Daily" : Macy vowed to win Vilanova
" This season, so many things happened , and we want to win the league championship and the trophy dedicated to Vilanova ." Macy statement on behalf of the team , " Vilanova deep Ai Basa , even with an ordinary fan identity , because he will be proud of this championship . "
For the Champions League , Messi is extremely looking forward to : "top three have made ​​a lot of mistakes, we did not win many games in the win , we must win over Atletico Madrid to win we have a chance , this has been very lucky in the league .buy fifa 14 coins  important , no matter from which side is concerned , this requires efforts throughout the year , we have encountered a lot of difficulties, but eventually overcome the difficulties , if we can win the league way to end the season , that would be great. I I do not know whether this would save the season , but the league trophy is very important . "
Atletico Madrid is Europe's biggest surprise this season , Messi praised sheets Legion : . " Atletico kicked out of a perfect season , they reached the Champions League final , the league also fight for the title ."
For Martino future , Messi make predictions : "I do not know his plans, but I think he would want to leave and I'm sure sooner or later he would become the next Argentina coach he is very great , and willing to teach . Argentina . "
Messi finally comes to the World Cup : " Argentina will always have a responsibility to fight for the championship ,cheap fifa 14 coins we are popular , we are in the ideal state, we have the opportunity to achieve great success, and to accomplish our goals ."