Ancelotti: Champions League final exchange that C Lo looking enough to force him hope Atletico lore

May 14 2014

Although Real Madrid La Liga this season, missed the fight for the championship, but in the May 25, Real Madrid had the opportunity to claim the holy grail of the Champions League. fifa 14 coins Local time yesterday, Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti accepted the UEFA official website interview, he led Real Madrid can compete on their own club in the history of the Champions League trophy, Block 10, excited at the same time, he also stressed, C Luo have the ability to dominate the finals.

"Marca": Ancelotti said Real Madrid won the Champions League the opportunity to celebrate the ten
Ancelotti when talking about this final, said: "The ability to enter the finals has meant that we completed an excellent season finale certainly exciting to have the opportunity to become head coach of Real Madrid won the Champions League ten makes me very excited. I definitely motivated, and now we have very nearly completed the goal, but also have to realize that dreams are destined not easy, we need to go all out. "
Real Madrid was eliminated in the semi-final, Bayern, this Ancelotti laments: "I am very proud showdown with the defending champion is not easy, but we are on a good performance in the two rounds, the first leg we played more cautious, but really the second leg Fantastic On the road to the final, Bayern is a huge obstacle, but we outstanding performance, I am very happy that we sound defense, the offensive player every time the ball will create a threat, this is the team that some of the performance. "
La Liga this season with Atletico Madrid already have had two duel, home losses, away flat, Ancelotti believes that the Champions League final against Atletico fight with are not comparable with the fifa 14 coins  "This is totally different, the final scene will certainly be very open, both teams will fight every effort to show their strength, I do not think Atletico will hang on, so we do not, we will try the same with Atletico Madrid kicked itself style. teams came to know each other, so this final will certainly be exciting. "
"From the tactical level is concerned, it will be a different game if we control the ball, then we can control the game, my goal is to kick the richer efficiency and improve the rate, which helps us to play out their own the most important feature. Meanwhile, to ensure balanced offensively and avoid being hit counter opponents is also critical, which is we have to take advantage of. Atletico Madrid striker has a big kill, the game will not be much space, so we must be quick Biography cut. "
C Lo far this season in the Champions League top scorer, Ancelotti believes, C Lo can be sustained in a good state fifa 14 coins "In my opinion, C Lo is in peak condition, but having said that, from many years ago, his condition has been very Guards, which is sufficient to prove how serious his attitude to football, how dedicated he was. On our journey into the final, he played a decisive role, he scored 16 goals, is our key player, he would make every effort to ensure that we win in the finals. "