Van Gaal was 200 million budget Wish five star goal to regain the league title

May 20 2014

Win ! Van Gaal next season, not only to the rate of return to Manchester United in the Champions League , but also to regain the Premier League title from Manchester City in the hands , for the Red Devils generously gave him £ 150 million foreign aid funds to build the championship team. After Van Gaal yesterday formally took office , first received the former Barcelona assistant Mourinho congratulations message.

" Post" : Howard Van Gaal was 200 million share capital

Van Gaal took Manchester United officially announced yesterday , while Ryan Giggs retired, served as his assistant , has opened a new chapter in the history of the Red Devils . Moyes era of Manchester United scores a landslide , creating a record of the shame , missed the historic events in Europe , early out of the championship , two rounds brought six points , helping neighbors Manchester City won two Premier League titles in three years . Van Gaal is the top priority after taking office, led his unit to return to the Champions League, but Manchester United in the Champions League will not only satisfy a seat next season they still champion !

It is reported that Manchester United boss CEO Woodward and Van Gaal Glazer family agreed to give £ 200 million signings funds , targeting the league crown 21 , the acquisition of Southampton prodigy Luke - Shaw, Arjen Robben and Bayern binary Cross , Dortmund defender Hummel Sri Lanka , as well as Barcelona's Cesc Fabregas build championship lineup. Van Gaal was at Ajax , Barcelona, ​​AZ Alkmaar and Bayern have to win the league title , experienced, but Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool to stand out from the siege , the difficulty factor is very large. Van Gaal just after taking office actually very confident : "Manchester United have ambitions, I also have , we will make history together ."

Told Dutch television interview , Van Gaal said that the appointment of one of his Manchester United because he was good at developing young players , while his goals against champions : "My goal is to quickly rate the Manchester United back to the first position because they Ferguson era . was king , " Vice Manchester United - Joel Glazer also tells the voice of the club :" The prestigious Van Gaal as coach , he can inspire the team to win , and I believe the young players and give them a chance to prove their worth. "

Van Gaal revealed that he received the first year of Barcelona assistant Mourinho congratulations message: " He said he coached the club jealous of me ." Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho is now also expressed welcome for the mentor : "He is a great football coach , I told him happy and I are in the same country , are coached in the Premiership , but more importantly , he is a great person and I wish him all the best . " and while Giggs was appointed as Van Gaal 's assistant , Paul Scholes, Gary Neville Butt and small classes , such as 92 members of the team have not yet determined whether to stay .