Special assessment - especially love dedicated to a special " Kids" Zanetti

May 20 2014

The day before yesterday , and never met an old friend than a decade gathering . We have come together because I like football , and later he went into business with soccer lopsided , and I put this love into a career. They strike a blow case of beer I recognize counseling initiative , " to die, have to stay late at night watching the Spirit ." "Look What ball ? ' " Zanetti career goodbye to war . " " What ? Are you saying that Inter that Zanetti ? "" Well . " " Ah you lie it ! elementary school he was kicking me , and now my children are in kindergarten now , he is still playing ? "" Well . " then the screen is peering friend looked at me in amazement , swore swearing .

Zanetti will retire this summer , Inter Milan team spirit will go into team management

He was very surprised, I was very calm. Because surprised to hear too many similar others, so I'm used to the contrary , when following these problems, almost every face surprise others that I will answer . Zanetti how old ? Born August 73 , there are three full moon 41 years . Zanetti Inter Milan played many years ? 1995 join, since 19 years. Zanetti of Inter Milan played a number of games ? 858 games . Zanetti played a career total of how many games the ? 1115 games, fifth in the world . There are three of the top four goalkeeper , there is a Robert - Carlos ...... the past few years , used every weekend after the appearances plus one , and had finished this weekend , this is no longer required to do homework . Zanetti ran for 22 years , personally took off the captain 's armband , clap , bow , bid farewell to the pitch .

In 1997, because Ronaldo fell in love with football. The first time that the original football can be kicked so beautiful . Ronaldo was around , that is, 24 -year-old Zanetti , youthful faces, Herd heart. Two years later, this restrained and calm Argentines put on the Inter captain's armband. Way back in the beginning, 13 years without a crown ( league title ) Ronaldo drive away the pain , but Zanetti an "I'll never belong here ," how much cold heart warm . After losing the crown in 2002 , Ronaldo burst into tears on the bench when the world grieved , wearing the captain's armband Zanetti crying red eyes, like a wronged child. Well known type of vagrant Ibrahimovic won gold and numerous , but they know who adhere to a city of pain, loneliness and forbear ?

Zanetti young man , who had moved with his father when the brick work together . This unique experience, trained him cherish every moment of happiness . Triple Crown summit that night , the cup almost always distorted facial expression that is shocking to stay in the heart of numerous clusters of blue-black owned . On the plane back to Milan , Zanetti eyes closed that nestled in the big ear cups look like a child 's favorite toy was stolen for fear of others , that moment , people visibly moved. The original meaning of waiting is so beautiful, when all the pain of the past days , there will be that happy destination. Mourinho's Inter Milan in the locker room when you say goodbye to such a sentence : you can not have me , but not without Zanetti .

Time in the face of the precipitation under Zanetti is engraved under the charming temperament loyalty . Just as he had said , "My only takes one minute for each renewal , because from that moment to bring the captain's armband , I know I will not go anywhere ." This saying is so simple, but stunning the time , the warmth of years . 19 years , marshes, Zanetti side faces change four or five waves , except that he never stopped running, " teenager " the title from his adopted 22 -year-old to 40 years old , very simple, because the 40 -year-old Zanetti also during the same run and 22 years of age , and even the occasional passing play with extraordinary force . And behind this , is more than ten years as one day in support of professionalism : the wedding day afternoon, Zanetti is still training ground sweat .

Zanetti who represents, is the mark of an era. This era, with Ronaldo , Baggio fullest genius character ; has Zidane, Rui Costa so sublimated football maestro ; There Beckham , Nesta so let glorious football ambassador . And Zanetti 's role is a persistent dreamers . Spent 10 years , he waited until the first Serie A championship , with 15 years , he waited until the first Champions League trophy. A song called " Dream no regrets ," Zanetti practicing with .

Of course , the fate of the success and the pain inside is conserved in Zanetti broke the myth of age when the world of football , bad luck also quietly come between . 40 years old this year , Zanetti suffered a career heaviest injuries , Achilles tendon tear him sidelined for six months , until he re-embark on the turf they found the body was unable to support his consciousness, which block battery power is nearly exhausted . Thus , leaving no choice became final . When the last second after playing on the pitch , Zanetti shed tears , "Thank you, thank you everyone, thank you for so many years in the past to share a wonderful time with me , thank you, I will always love Inter Milan . " At that moment, the clock back more than hope , eternal youth , singing songs like that , " forever young, I want to be forever young . "

Young, to fight against the trivialization of life and the trivialization of their own , and sometimes one does not own its own performance , looks maverick. But perhaps when middle-aged people found the trivialization of real confrontation is your imagination , your talent and you leave this world some wonderful clips. I think the blue-black Zanetti 19 years did. It so happened that today , May 20, 2014 , a homonym of " I love you , I love you ." This special love , it should give the most special person . Then put it to 19 years has been in the fight against all the "impossible" Zanetti , right , Inter Milan teenager forever .