Courtois : Bayern kick that Atletico Madrid tactics too stupid to learn Dott

May 22 2014

This season's Champions League, La Liga giants Real Madrid even Shamir Berk , Dortmund, Bayern Munich three Bundesliga teams advance to the finals.fifa 14 coins Real Madrid will be in the Champions League final this weekend and with Atletico Madrid in La Liga contest , recently in an interview , when Atletico goalkeeper Courtois said the team would like to beat Real Madrid in Dortmund that game as in the Champions League final do this style of play is the right way to face Madrid . Courtois also review the performance when Bayern face Real Madrid , Courtois believes Bayern Munich against Real Madrid 's tactical arrangements was " stupid ."

In an interview with German media , " Sports Pictures" interview , Courtois talked about the tactical deployment of Atletico Madrid in the Champions League finals .buy fifa 14 coins Courtois said Atletico Madrid in the Champions League should learn Dortmund quarterfinal second leg against Real Madrid play, Dortmund demonstrated the correct way to beat Real Madrid , " Dortmund do , they do well , especially in the second leg of the game, Dortmund method is very effective to deal with Real Madrid , he showed us how to beat the opponent . " Dortmund vs. Real Madrid in the contest , beating Borussia Dortmund 2-0 Real Madrid Galacticos no way to let the audience .

So Bayern it? In this season's Champions League semi-final contest, Bayern two rounds with a total score of 0-5 defeat to Real Madrid , the second leg is encountered in a 0-4 home defeat . For Bayern defeat , Courtois think this is a tactical problem , he bluntly pointed out that Bayern Munich against Real Madrid is the " negative example ", " Bayern Munich against Real Madrid play like Barcelona the same time , this style of play is really stupid. played against Real Madrid and Barcelona for many years , they already know how to overcome this tactical system , the Real Madrid player can play as long as five seconds smooth quick counterattack, this is an excellent tool for dealing with the control of football . "

In fact , as early as after Dortmund beat Real Madrid , people jokingly referred to as " Dortmund teach how to beat Real Madrid , Bayern ." And after a 3-0 victory over Borussia Dortmund Bayern in the league , people joke called " Dortmund Real Madrid taught how to beat Bayern .cheap fifa 14 coins " Obviously, Dortmund have now become a " master" of European football . Courtois also an interview praising Dortmund , Dortmund said Atletico should be the same kick as Real Madrid , this is probably not a good news for Real Madrid . German media " Munich Daily" jokingly said that there is now waiting to see Atletico did not learn it.