Podolski Interview : German champions are always targets frequented China Town

May 23 2014

Before the FA Cup final , I interviewed Podolski in Hampstead heather garden near a bar. Germany striker joined Arsenal has two seasons , the German people have gradually adapted to life in the UK , the weather and the style of football in England . He also told us about his " London Story" , as well as two years of Premiership experience and insights, as well as the outlook for Brazil's World Cup.

2012 summer Podolski from Cologne move to Arsenal , is a long finalize the transfer . However, in this deal , Cologne and Arsenal have shown a respect for each other . The two sides reached an agreement after all the details are tight-lipped about the deal , did not let the media transfer rumors interfere with each other to play the lower half of the season the team sprint stages .

For Podolski , he is coveted for Arsenal . Back in Adams era, Podolski and Arsenal is one of the most talked about small partners overseas giants . Mertesacker has previously had a photo wearing the Arsenal jersey exposure , and Polti is identified , said: "At that time the German football like most kids should have twelve Arsenal shirt , I am no exception . "

Prior to joining Arsenal , Podolski Arsenal impression in addition to beautiful football Wenger last ten years under the rule , it may be only the team's cannon totem . But after joining the team , Podolski gradually more in-depth experience the history and the liturgical tradition of the club .

As one of England 's traditional giants Arsenal various traditions and rituals is very diverse. For example, on race day , the Board will box decorated with flowers , and flower color is the color with the visiting team , the team in order to show respect and respect the visiting team . As for the players , only the captain to decide on the right or on the long-sleeved short-sleeved shirt , in addition to the players before the start of the game at home in the ring must concentrate , pay tribute to the fans in the audience applauded , and after the end of the away games , the players can not immediately return the locker room , regardless of the outcome , they have to go before the visitors bleachers , thank afar , follow all the fans of the team.

These ritualized procedures may in some outsider is red tape , but Podolski does not think so : "This is something we respected rituals and rules, because they are the embodiment of the club 's traditions and values ​​, it is through this kinds of ceremonies , we can readily realize that the team as a whole, a team , in addition to also remind us that the fans are the foundation of this club lies . "

Whether Rhein Energie Stadium in Cologne , Bayern 's Allianz Arena or are modern stadium, but Podolski has just joined the team, but still on the design details of the hardware facilities of the Emirates Stadium amazed : "For example, our locker room , it was a spacious suite , the design is very scientific , because outside the team before the game for the last collection , and in between is an arc -shaped space, so we just sat in his place , and no one will be able to freely exchange inside the locker room , and we scheduled seating position according to the court , but only the captain of a unique position, in the center of the team , and the coach 's position is facing the captain can ask us any player among the orders . "

Although Arsenal had just spent just two years, but Podolski has had many fond memories of this place. Germans impressed me most was two moments : "The first is the last season at home against Southampton that game , I scored his first home goal, the first time I heard the fans as I wrote here songs , that wonderful feeling of unspeakable , the other is the FA Cup this season, against Coventry , before the end of the first half we covered one side of the stadium lights suddenly went out , this time the venue all fans are using a mobile phone flash as a flashlight to provide lighting on , that moment is very fantastic , as we feel like playing on the concert stage . "

Good at Podolski and Arsenal fans , we can say that he is now the team 's most popular players fans . Before that FA Cup final , the club dedicated to him shot " Polti Song" video, a public teammates are in the movie as he sang . The German is so loved in London , is also an important reason for Gunners fans love and respect for him .

Probably in the whole of Europe league, these players will be able to enjoy only in the Premiership almost free and relaxed state . Let Podolski impressed , as long as you and your family to go out together , London fans are always left him enough space for privacy and never onlookers or pictures, to frighten his children and family. And once they see him in a chat or a dinner with friends , usually no one approached interrupted. Our day in Hampstead that the bar probably talked for nearly an hour , the entire bar almost all recognized the name of the Arsenal players, but really no one stepped forward to interrupt our conversation. Only after the end of the interview , when we are out of the bar , an old fan was a tribute to the Polti hug : " Lucas , we all love you ." And the rest , up to his eye contact and smiling a nod to the German . "I particularly like the atmosphere , which is why I usually catch boldly and friends to spend time in the bar this reason . Everyone respect each other, very friendly , the atmosphere should be the dream of many players , which is also Why do I want to stay in this has been an important reason . "