FIFA 16: Training in Career Mode bring some more charm to the game

Oct 30 2015

Buy a player in FIFA game's Career Mode and not being able to see it become a big star, it was certainly a disappointment that much admirer of this game is over. Now however, it is possible to train your players.

One of the great innovations of FIFA 16 is that in Career Mode you can train each player individually and in specific skills. For those who do not have much patience for this, you can do it automatically.

Of course, a bad player will not become a Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi, but the new feature in Career Mode serves for the game lovers have more autonomy and independence in relation to its cast and not simply good machine feel free to see that their idol or that its strategic hiring progress in work.

Between training possibilities are even more ways. You can train submissions, dribbling, free kicks, headers, marking and many more possibilities that can also be selected in workouts easy, median and difficult.

Now just choose the team, signing players and become a great power in world football, after all the Career mode is certainly the mode of FIFA that most enables this to happen.