FIFA 18 vs. PES 2018 Destiny 2 open world

Is it just me or is FIFA 18 getting hardly any hype this year? I know football games aren’t GC’s thing but I’ve barely heard or read about it anywhere this year. Which seems weird because I assume it’s still going to be the biggest seller of the year. and also you can get fifa 18 coins from our site. Or maybe that’s the reason why and they don’t see any need to

Sep 11,2017

FIFA 18 Ratings: Every Player Score Revealed So Far

In just a matter of a couple of short weeks, the world of football gaming will once more turn on their consoles en masse to dive into the latest addition to the behemoth FIFA franchise. and also you can buy fifa 18 ps4 coins from our site.  Once more, we're being promised improved gameplay, improved likenesses and new features designed to improve the overall game experience, and EA Sports'

Sep 08,2017

Alex Hunter Appears To Be Hunting For Pastures New In Latest FIFA 18 Trailer

last year’s FIFA 17 was the story mode known as The Journey in whicn players controlled the first professional season for Alex Hunter. Alex’s career began in England, but in FIFA 18 the whole world is keeping an eye on him and he has choices to make on where to go next, and also now you can buy fifa 18 coins from our site. be it Real Madrid, Paris St Germain, or even further afield.

Sep 07,2017

FIFA 18 Ratings Revealed For Some Players

Guys! Do you want to know the ratings about fifa 18 player? What stands to be one of the biggest games of the year, FIFA 18, is coming out later this month. Ahead of launch, developer EA Sports today started to publish the professional football game's player ratings. and also you can buy fifa 18 points from our site. Announced today were the players rated 100-81.     So it sounds like

Sep 06,2017

Setting The Stage For Alex Hunter's Return In FIFA 18

The recent official blog post from developer EA Canada covering the mode says you'll "compete at" a specific list of clubs: Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid, and LA Galaxy. This tells me that there are opportunities to play in different leagues, but only at those listed clubs. In the mode's recent trailer, Hunter is also shown in a Chelsea kit, so my guess is he'll be

Sep 05,2017

FIFA 18: 7 Career Mode Challenges We Can't Wait To Tackle

With all the changes EA are making to FIFA 18's Career Mode, we're in for a very different, more in-depth experience this year. The possibilities are endless when it comes to all the scenarios you could play out in your own fifa 18 points, even if the temptation to pick Real Madrid and smash through every team in Europe will be overwhelming. Leave that kind of thing to the casual players, because

Sep 04,2017

FIFA 17 tops monthly UK console digital charts

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V kept its second place, Same story goes for EA’s Battlefield 1, which remained at No.3 but experienced a small 0.5 per cent boost in sales, with revenue now reaching £3.78m. The biggest growth came from No.4 though – Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Activision’s FPS gained two spots to No.4, following a 93 per cent growth in sales. and also yo

Sep 01,2017

FIFA 18 Demo release date CONFIRMED for Xbox One

The FIFA 18 Demo publish date has been tentatively confirmed this morning after a listing for the demo appeared mysteriously on the Xbox Store. This years demo appeared in the Xbox store via the Ronaldo Nazario loan tab, however, it cannot be downloaded just yet. That said the listing does contain some interesting info. and also you can buy fifa 18 xbox one coins from our site.   For star

Aug 31,2017


Ever since EA announced that FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch would be a “custom built” experience, the company has frequently positioned it as “the deepest portable game ever to be introduced by EA Sports FIFA.”and also you can get coins fifa 18 from our site.   it’s clear that they have had to repeatedly fight against detractors that believe that their work on br

Aug 30,2017

FIFA 18 Gets Four New Stadiums

There're a little more than a month away from FIFA 18’s release date on Sept. 29 and EA has released some of the new stadiums gamers can expect to play on come launch date. According to EA Sports, FIFA 18 will feature four new soccer stadiums. One of the new stadiums, the StubHub Center, was an easy addition as the arena appears in Madden NFL 18 as well. and also these fifa 18 xbox one coins

Aug 29,2017