FIFA 17 tops UK June console digital charts, Crash Bandicoot debuts at No.8

Despite launching really late in the month, on June 30th, Activision’s collection of remasters managed to debut at No.8 in the UK console digital charts for June, with revenue reaching £0.93m. And also you can get fifa 17 coins from our site. With two other games in the Top Ten (Overwatch at No.5, Black Ops 3 at No.6), Activision Blizzard had strong results this June, with combined rev

Jul 26,2017

Germany’s Third Division Confirmed to Be First New League for FIFA 18

FIFA 18 is just a few months away from launch and EA has geared up its efforts to market the game. And also you can buy fifa 18 coins from our site. With the game nearing its launch, EA has been revealing new details and now it has been revealed that Germany’s third division will be in FIFA 18.   The news comes from a highly reputable German magazine, Kicker, who claims that EA has

Jul 25,2017

Comparing Paul George's Render To His 'NBA 2K17' Model

Last year, George was still a member of the Indiana Pacers when he graced the cover of NBA 2K17 coins. This year, George has been traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder, but he's still a member of Team 2K and the above image is a look at George with his new team in NBA 2K18. Here's a side-by-side look at George's new look compared to last year's render. And also you can buy nba 2k17 co

Jul 25,2017

First new league for FIFA 18 confirmed

New league announcements for either football game are a big deal – and it's first blood to EA Canada ahead of the new season's big licensing arms race, with the news that Germany's third division is coming to FIFA 18. And also you can buy fifa 18 coins from our site. The report comes from highly reputable German footy mag Kicker, which states that, "The deal between the German

Jul 24,2017

FIFA 18: Predicting The 10 Best Strikers

FIFA 17's well-drilled CPU defensive lines made it difficult to simply spam the sprint button and whizz past those sorry centre backs like in prior FIFA 17 titles. Not only did force gamers to adapt their playing style, it also made clinical strikers who could score from any angle with limited space all the more important. It's expected FIFA 18 will have the same focus on deadly finishing, bu

Jul 21,2017

Cristiano Ronaldo Shows Off FIFA 18 Motion Capture Skills

Cristiano Ronaldo helped to make the new video by putting on a motion capture suit and headset, before running through a simple series of motions; mainly, taking a deep breath before taking a free kick. While it’s not likely that EA asked every single team member of every team to motion-capture for them, the results still speak for themselves. With all of the different players a

Jul 20,2017

Bundesliga Exclusivity Deal Means FIFA Gets The League For Another Five Years

The FIFA 18 Bundesliga exclusivity deal will mean that the EA Sports soccer series will be keeping Germany’s top football league to itself for another five years, keeping the game from appearing in other soccer games such as Pro Evolution Soccer. This includes FIFA 17 coins, and the four games after it. The Bundesliga is Germany’s best football league, having the highest a

Jul 19,2017

FIFA 17 SIF Giovinco 86 Player Review

FIFA 17 SIF Giovinco 86 Player Review thanks to FIFA YouTuber TVM Reviews! Sebastian Giovinco is from Italy and plays for Toronto FC in the MLS (Major League Soccer). And also you can buy fifa17 coins from our site. Overall Verdict Previous Version: 8 Enjoyment Level: 9.5 Consistency/Form: 9.7 TVM Would Pay: <50k AVG Match Rating: 9.1 Overall Rating: 8.6

Jul 18,2017

Leaked FIFA 18 the Journey 2 screen apparently shows six playable leagues

Until now FIFA 18 developer EA Canada has been tight-lipped on exactly which clubs, and also you can get cheap fifa 18 coins from our site, and leagues will form the storyline behind Alex Hunter's return in season two of The Journey – but one sneaky Redditor claims to have solved the mystery. A leaked screen posted by user Oskarek, purporting to be from a Brazilian event show

Jul 17,2017

FIFA ICONS Predictions for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

FIFA ICONS are brand new FUT cards coming to FIFA 18 Ultimate Team! These blue FIFA cards feature Ronaldo Nazário, Diego Maradona, Thierry Henry, Lev Yashin and Pelé! As most FUT users will know, cheap FIFA 17 coins Legends cards have been exclusively available to the Xbox console for a number of years now, but that is about to change!   The introduct

Jul 14,2017