British Premier League final four analysis: Manchester City dominant, playoff is also possible

Premier League 37 rounds of all the end of the competition, in the end of the two Premiership  cheap fifa 17 coins matches this morning, Manchester City 3-1 West Bromwich Albion, Arsenal 2-0 Sunderland. Therefore, the league's top four suspense will be retained to the final round. At present, Manchester City plot 75 points ranked third, Liverpool 73 points ranked fourth, Arsenal

May 17,2017

Official: Argentine defender Martin - Demichelis announced his retirement

36-year-old Argentine defender Martin - Demichelis announced his retirement. Demichelis debut in the joint sports, but fame in the river bed. In 2000, 20-year-old Demichelis first stood on the Arab-Israeli  buy fifa 17 coins stage, by virtue of their own efforts and talent, slowly grow into the main team. 2003 Demichelis transfer joined the Bundesliga Bayern Munich, a total of 1

May 16,2017

Sonia: Healthy Stuart is Liverpool's first person

If Sturridge can stay healthy, then he will be the first person in the Red Army. Sturridge debut in the current round of the league, he opened the record for the team to help the Red Army 4-0 victory over West Ham. The striker scored 21 league goals in the 2013-14 season, but then he made only 24 times in Liverpool's 113 league league. Although Sogness admitted  fifa 17 ps4 coins 

May 15,2017

Aspas: hope for Liverpool will Manchester United eliminated

Celta is about to usher against Manchester United's UEFA Cup semi-final second round of the  fifa 17 ps4 coins game, as Liverpool veteran Aspas also hope that in this game will Manchester United eliminated. Perhaps Asperus left Liverpool fans in the memory of the impression or a bad corner of the record. (In the 2013-14 season, Liverpool title race season, Aspas against Chelsea when t

May 12,2017

Marcelo: want to end his career in Rio; C Lo may be the best in history

Real Madrid defender Marcelo revealed that he would like to end his career in Brazil, whether it is returning to  buy fifa 17 coins  Flumen Nisse or for their Rio rival Bodafo effect. The 28-year-old Marcelo career began in Flumen Nesse, but he said the dream of a child was on behalf of Botafio. "I want to play for Fluminie Seth, but Bauta Vogo is also doing it because

May 11,2017

Buffon: Je ne m'y attendais la rentrée finale, mais vous devez en tenir à leurs rêves

Italian country Buffon admitted that he did not believe that you can follow Juventus again reached the Champions  cheap fifa 17 coins League  final, but "you must continue to adhere to their dreams." This is 39 years old Buffon career has not yet won the important trophy, and in the morning of the second leg of the game, the Bianconeri to a total score of 4-1 out o

May 10,2017

Bayern has confidence 55 million pounds signed Sanchez

Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich has become this summer to sign Arsenal winger Sanchez's hot, Bayern is also a small number of summer this ability to  buy fifa 17 coins sign the Chilean superstar club. It is reported that Bayern for 28-year-old Sanchez prepared a 65 million euros (55 million pounds) of the transfer contract offer for a contract for the remaining 12 months of the player

May 08,2017

Muller: C Lo phenomenon level, he and Messi higher than others a level

Bayern forward Thomas - Muller in an interview praised Real Madrid star cheap fifa 17 coins  C Luo, he said C Lo is the class of stars. C Lo recently continue to continue to play well, he in the Champions League and Atletico game hat-trick, to help Real Madrid one foot into the Champions League final. "We all know that C Lo is a great star, he is a phenomenal player," s

May 05,2017

Clop: the last moment almost scared to death, for the fight four need to make persistent efforts

Liverpool coach Klopp is very satisfied with his disciples in the current round of league 1-0 Lectra cheap fifa 17 coins   Watford, but he stressed that the Red Army reached the top four still have a lot of work to do. With the victory of the game, Liverpool consolidated their third place in the league. At present they are in the case of a round of competition ahead of Manch

May 02,2017

Mourinho: Smolin and Jones are too cautious about their own injuries

Against the Manchester City game soon, Mourinho in the press conference once again talked about the attitude of Smolling and Phil - Jones, he said the two fifa 17 ps4 coins  players too cautious, but also said that next season, Manchester United have these two The position of the player. Smolling (knee injury) and Phil Jones (foot injury) has missed Manchester United in the past

Apr 28,2017