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Apr 06,2017

Name: If Chelsea offer 50 million pounds, Arsenal will sell Sanchez

Arsenal name Paul - Mersen said that if Chelsea are willing to open a high offer of 50 million buy fifa 17 coins pounds, Arsenal may be Sanchez sold to Stamford Bridge. Sanchez and Arsenal's contract will expire after the end of 2018, he and the club's renewal issue has been unable to reach an agreement. "I do not think Arsenal will finish this season with the top four in the le

Apr 05,2017

Mourinho: I am sorry for my way of treating piglets

Manchester United manager Mourinho admitted that he was sorry for his way to buy fifa 17 coins treat Schweinsteiger. Schweinsteiger has joined the Chicago Flame this week. At the beginning of the season, from the European Cup vacation back to Manchester United's pig was told that they can only train with the youth team. After half a season he did not enter the Manchester United list.

Apr 01,2017

Messi statement: no abuse of the assistant referee, said the words did not for whom

, FIFA sent to the Argentine Football Association against Messi violation of discipline fifa 17 ps4 coins  appeal, the Argentine Football Association to FIFA submitted a six-page document to argue, and Messi himself also made a statement that he was not insulting to the assistant referee words. "First of all, I declare that in response to FIFA's testimony was made after depa

Mar 31,2017

Maca: Real Madrid will investigate pique remarks, or consider suing

For Pick's recent remarks, Real Madrid's legal team will conduct an analysis of the investigation, then decide whether to give up or use legal   fifa 17 ps4 coins means to defend the club's reputation. West said the Real Madrid will be the study of the Bill for the Bernabeu stands the words of the people, before Raul had said he did not rule out the possibility of working fo

Mar 30,2017

Messi because of the verdict of the referee was FIFA ban four games

FIFA official confirmed that Messi was suspended for four    fifa 17 ps4 coins games and a fine of 10,000 Swiss francs. FIFA believes that Messi's verbal insult on the referee violates FIFA Rule 57 of the Disciplinary Ordinance. Although the Brazilian referee Sandro Ricci after the game did not record this in the referee report, several referees also insisted that Messi

Mar 29,2017

Manchester United want 200 million euros offer Nei Maer

Manchester United eager to activate Neimal in the summer to sign the buy fifa 17 coins Brazilian King. It is reported that Manchester United has been through the Nei Maer brokers and their contact, they want to Nemal to Old Trafford, they will give a player can not refuse the contract offer. Manchester United hopes to continue this season to strengthen the team's offensive line, and t

Mar 28,2017

Ozil: German is not good; some friends just to use me

In a recent interview, the German international Ozil talked about some of the negative effects behind his fifa 17 ps4 coins  reputation, Ozil said in his life there are many "fake friends", they just want to use their own. In an interview with The Sunday Le Monde, Ozil said: "When you progress gradually, there will be more people want to use you. Some people want t

Mar 27,2017

Times: Arsenal want to offer 25 million pounds Barcelona midfielder Turan

Arsenal this summer to offer 25 million pounds to buy Barcelona star Arda - Turan, they hope in the  fifa 17 ps4 coins  team Gemini Ozil and Sanchez to strengthen the team before the lineup. Turkish star is regarded as an alternative to Ozil, the current German star and Chilean star Sanchez are likely to leave Arsenal at the end of the season, both the club and the contract

Mar 24,2017

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Mar 23,2017