Independent: Manchester United this summer will be 170 million pounds to buy Gleeszmann and Bellotti

Manchester United in the summer to introduce the introduction of Atletico striker Gleeszmann and Turin striker Bellotti, taking into account Ibrahimovic will  buy fifa 17 coins be seriously injured because of knee injury for half a year, Manchester United to consider the huge signings on the front line. In fact, the two transactions have a corresponding obstacle, Gleeszman said t

Apr 27,2017

Carragher: If Michael Keane chooses to return to Manchester United is a wrong decision

Carragher said that if Michael - Keane left Burnley this summer, he should join Everton instead of returning to buy fifa 17 coins   Manchester United, going to Everton to play he will benefit more. "It's a difficult thing to play at the top of the club at this age, because you still need to learn and still make mistakes," said Carragher. "I think Burnley is go

Apr 26,2017

Manchester United are running at least the Premiership, the Saints general speed slightly faster than Rushford

Manchester United in the last 2-0 victory over Chelsea in the league after winning two fifa 17 ps4 coins straight, and their undefeated record expanded to 22 games. But the Manchester United team averaged 106 kilometers of data in the Premiership bottom, this Sunday they will challenge the fifth in the league can run the Burnley, Purple Army average running distance of 113.7 km per race. So far

Apr 24,2017

Telegraph: Manchester City to buy Bonucci need to pay the price transfer fee

If Manchester City wants to get Juventus Zhongwei Bonucci, then they need to  buy fifa 17 coins  pay the cost of defender transfer fee record. Manchester City in the summer had asked Bonucci, but Juventus 50 million pounds asking price to make blue moon and discouraged. Although the defender is about 30 years of age, but Manchester City coach Guardiola still regarded him as

Apr 21,2017

Gary Neville: After the transformation of the center, C Luo can play for many years

  Gary Neville said that C Lo gradually transformed into a center, and he believed that C Lo in the future for many years can  buy fifa 17 coins  also get incredible number of goals. Real Madrid super striker C Luo in the team against Bayern quarter-finals staged a hat trick, became the first to achieve the Champions League record of the players. Gary Neville, who had

Apr 20,2017

5 goals into tomorrow, let the Nou Camp is dry up

  Enrique: 5 goals into tomorrow, let the Nou Camp is dry up   Barcelona coach Enrique attended the home game with Juventus Champions League knockout press conference, the previous round with Paris before he said Barcelona can enter 6, and today he said Barcelona can buy fifa 17 coins enter five.   - before and before Paris, you asked your team not to be afraid of

Apr 19,2017

Ancelotti biography: by Bell broker constraints; training class was high-level interference

    Last year, Ancelotti published his latest biography "calm leader", and near Real Madrid and Bayern Champions League second round, "Aspen newspaper" alsofifa 17 ps4 coins found the biography of Ancelotti on their own and Real Madrid two small stories , Explain what makes the Italians choose to leave.   "Everything went very well, but there were two bi

Apr 18,2017

Ozil autobiography: I want to go to Barcelona, but Guardiola has no intention to me

German star Ozil in his autobiography revealed that he would like to  buy fifa 17 coins join Barcelona, ​​but Guardiola refused him.     When I visited Barcelona, ​​no one took me to the stadium, did not let me go to their trophy room, which makes me more inclined to Real Madrid. Unlike Real Madrid, Barcelona did not show me a lot of enthusiasm, the whole process of v

Apr 17,2017

Moratta: the next stop is definitely the Premiership; feeling a lot of holes

Real Madrid striker Mora Tate recently in the British "Guardian" interviewed about his own  royalties sold Juventus fifa 17 ps4 coins  experience, in the off-court and his girlfriend and players co-exist in the past. He also said he hoped that one day he would work with Conti. Mora was previously loaned by Real Madrid to Serie A Juventus team, he had the team broke

Apr 14,2017

Mourinho: I have a kind of Manchester United can win the special feeling of the European Cup

Manchester United will be at Beijing time Friday morning 03:05 against the Belgian team Anderlecht, the UEFA Cup quarter-finals. According to Manchester United television reporter in front of reports, Anderlecht home turf situation is very good. In the local time on Wednesday evening, Manchester United has taken the fifa 17 ps4 coins opportunity to travel to the Belgian capital of Brussels,

Apr 13,2017