Milner close to breaking a dusty 83-year record

Since the start of the penalty for Liverpool in 2015, Milner has been penalized into 10 consecutive buy fifa 17 coins  penalties, which is a remarkable achievement, but to break the history of Liverpool since the players joined the penalty has been no penalty before leaving the record , He would have to go some way to go. Gerrard is the history of Liverpool scored the most penalt

Mar 23,2017

While Ozil is becoming more and more unhappy in Arsenal,

While Ozil is becoming more and more unhappy in Arsenal, especially in major matches. Ozil and Sanchez are now 28 years old, and this summer they will enter the final year with Arsenal's contract, Arsenal want to recover from the two 75 million cheap fifa 17 coins pounds transfer fee. They had in 2012 will be 29-year-old Van Persie to 24 million pounds of the price sold to Manchester United,

Mar 22,2017

The Times: Wenger is willing to sell Sanchez and Ozil this summer

According to "The Times" reported that Arsenal manager Wenger is willing to  buy fifa 17 coins sell Sanchez and Ozil in the summer, and then use the two players left the transfer fee to rebuild the team. Although many gunmen opposed Wenger to stay, but the French want to continue to stay, Sanchez and Ozil had previously rejected the Arsenal contract proposal, the future

Mar 22,2017

Sky Sports: Arsenal denies contact with Dott coach Tuller

Arsenal denied that the team had come to contact Tortur coach Touhehr. "Bild" said earlier, Arsenal intends to invite Duo Te coach Touhehr in the next season to buy fifa 17 coins coach the team, for which they have had contact with Tuller. However, Arsenal's spokesman said in an interview with Sky Sports, "Bild" reported "unreal". Arsenal said that the future

Mar 21,2017

European Cup eight strong list: Manchester United lead; than a two team promotion

Manchester United striker Ibrahimovic interviewed about the possibility of joining fut 17 coins Naples. Naples had previously been associated with the Swedish tyrants and Ibrahimovic, and his agent had said that Ibrahimovic was very fond of Naples. And Ibrahimovic in an interview with the "Rome Sports Daily" interview, said: "Naples? You never know what will happen

Mar 17,2017

Champions League eight strong baked, La Liga three seats Bundesliga two Premier League Serie A a seat

Beijing time early this morning, Monaco 3-1 (total score 6-6) out of Manchester City, Atletico 0-0 (total score 4-2) victory fifa 17 xbox one coins over Leverkusen promotion quarterfinals. At this point the Champions League 1/8 final all over, the final Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern, Juventus, Dortmund, Leicester City, Atletico, Monaco reached the quarterfinals. La Liga won three seats, t

Mar 16,2017

Brazil before the international: Nei Maer in the 1970s are difficult to make up for

"In the Brazilian team that won in 1970, Nemal had no place in the field, even at the  cheap fifa 17 coins bench," he said in an interview. Nei Maer is Brazil's most talented player, but may not win the World Cup in 1970, the Brazilian array is unable to start. This is the Brazilian former grips in the FOX program on the point of view, those who raised the Gold Cup play

Mar 15,2017

Ramos 7 Savior, the total number of goals beyond the legendary Carlos

Ramos has seven Savior this season and has scored 68 goals in Real Madrid, surpassing Robert Carlos to buy fifa 17 coins  become Real Madrid's second-ever scoring goal. Round of the league Ramos dedication lore, Bernabeu fans can sing again: "Sergio - Ramos scored!" Tony - Cross issued a corner, Real Madrid captain appeared in the deadly area, Header lore! This is the s

Mar 14,2017

Official: Leicester City appointed assistant Shakespeare as an official coach

Lester City official announced that former assistant coach Craig - Shakespeare (Craig Shakespeare) was officially appointed as the city coach Leicester, the term until the end of the  cheap fifa 17 coins  season. 53-year-old Shakespeare has joined the Leicester City coach group for seven years, two weeks ago, he took over the get out of class of Ranieri temporary head team, to h

Mar 13,2017

Official: Bayern Munich midfielder Alonso retired at the end of the season

Champions League 1/8 final round, Barcelona to buy fifa 17 coins complete the history of the Champions League the most magical  reversal, out of Paris Saint-Germain head into the quarter-finals. For the team incredible shaking reversal, Pique after the release of rhetoric. The first leg away 0-4 loss to Paris Saint-Germain, the former AC Milan coach Sage said Barcelona has lost their st

Mar 10,2017