Official: the lamp is eternal! Frank Lampard announced his retirement

Chelsea Frank Lampard officially announced his retirement, bid farewell to  the fifa 17 xbox one coins  pitch. From the club level, the English legend's star career began with hammer to help West Ham, in the 1997/1998 season, he staged his Premiership debut. In 2001, he 11 million pounds of transfer fee to Chelsea, since he began his great blue career, a total of 649 appearance

Feb 03,2017

Corriere dello Sport: Inter will spend heavily in signings this summer

Italian media revealed that Inter Milan plans to invest heavily this summer, the introduction of three fifa 17 ps4 coins  players, their goals, including Velati, Marchinez, Sanchez and Bernadelski. The Nerazzurri are currently being restricted by the Fiscal Equity Act, but they will only be lifted after the end of the season, as long as they respect the rules and pledge to break even

Jan 25,2017

Official: Dortmund signed the "new Ibrahimovic" Isaac

Local time on Monday at noon, the German Bundesliga Club officially announced the signing of the Swedish 17-year-old talented striker "New Ibrahimovic" Isaac. Isaac will be wearing No. 14 jersey in Dortmund, according to the German media before the "Bild" message, Isaac's transfer fee of 10 million euros fifa 17 xbox one coins. Dortmund official said, because Isaac has

Jan 24,2017

Wenger: the team fighting unthinkable, I apologize to the referee

The first 21 games of the Premier League, Arsenal sits Emirates Stadium against Burnley, the process of twists and turns, injury time, Burnley relies on a penalty to tie the game, but the end, Sanchez also rely on the penalty to help Arsenal Lore. After the current round of league, Arsenal rose to buy fifa 17 coins second place in the standings. The final stage of the game, because pushing

Jan 23,2017

Mourinho: draw result is very disappointed, Rooney to create a wonderful record

Manchester United win the first round, Manchester United guest Bet 365 stadium Stoke City, Mata accidental own goal to help the home team to lead, before the end of the free kick to help Manchester United equalized the score, and Wayne Rooney also with the goal to go beyond Manchester United Legendary Bobby - Charlton Jazz, with 250 cheap fifa 17 coins goals in the history of Mancheste

Jan 22,2017

Official: Manchester City officially confirmed Jensen joined, will wear No. 33 jersey

Manchester City announced on the official website of the Brazilian star Gabriel - Jérôme officially joined the team, the 19-year-old striker will be able to play the ​fifa 17 xbox one coins game with Tottenham. Jeremiah in helping Palmeiras to get away for 22 years after the Pakistani champion to Manchester City to register, but because of registration problems, until today, h

Jan 20,2017

Let the point of devil, Messi two years to give 14 penalty opportunities

According to the "World Sports Daily" reported that Barcelona star Messi has given up 14 times within two years of penalty  fifa 17 coins opportunities. La Liga in last weekend's league, everyone is looking forward to Messi consecutive 4 games scored a free kick, the Argentines have the opportunity to give the bench to play team-mate Rakitic, Messi clear Rakitic recent

Jan 19,2017

Forbes most valuable club list: Real Madrid Barcelona two

Forbes magazine released the latest World Club value list, Real Madrid to 3.65 billion euros valuation list, Barcelona to 3.549 billion ranked second, La Liga another team Atletico Madrid ranked 15th. It is reported that the ranking is mainly based on ticket sales, television revenues and the sum of the  fifa 17 ps4 coins club brand value. "Forbes" club value list Top20:

Jan 18,2017

Bogba: dream of the Golden Globe, but I will not put it in the mouth

Bogba recently accepted the French RMC radio exclusive interview. During the interview, he mentioned fifa 17 ps4 coins his dream of the Golden Globe, "I really dream of one day get the Golden Globe, but I will not put it in the mouth, I will try to achieve it"; He also talked about the relationship with Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho, "he is a mentor, gave me too

Jan 17,2017

Fiasco! Guardiola suffered the biggest league league career defeat

Everton in the away game against the key to a war, Manchester City defensive performance was bad, scored four fifa 17 xbox one coins  goals by Toffee, Guardiola to create a league after the coach became the most bitter defeat. Prior to today, Guardiola coached career only 2 opponents 4-0 win, respectively, 2013-14 season 0-4 in the Champions League defeat to Real Madrid, and 2016-1

Jan 16,2017